WWE Star Reveals New Tattoo, Roman Reigns RAW Segment Revealed, Natalya And Maria Shriver

- Above is new video of Natalya and Maria Shriver working out with other Alzheimer's advocates for the Move for Minds organization.

- Roman Reigns is set to appear on Monday's RAW to address this week's attack from WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to Paul Heyman and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. WWE posted the following teaser for the show:

Disheveled advocate

This past Monday night, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was in a foul mood… well, more foul than usual.

After shrugging off Paul Heyman's attempts to bring him out to the arena — an appearance Heyman was counting on to remain employed in WWE — The Beast Incarnate lashed out by assaulting Raw General Manager Kurt Angle with an F-5, then grabbed Heyman by the face and incapacitated his advocate with a vise-like squeeze.

Per Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, Roman Reigns was forced to vacate the building this past Monday night before this incident occurred, so The Big Dog wasn't on-hand to halt The Conqueror's rampage.

Expect Reigns to have much to say about the vile actions of his SummerSlam foe this coming Monday night.

- Ruby Riott recently got some new ink while she's away from the ring recovering from the knee injury she suffered last week. As seen below, the leader of The Riott Squad got a new tattoo based on the song cover art for "She's Gonna Break Soon" by Less Than Jake. The ink was done by tattoo artist Amber Olsen and was covered by the WWE website. Also below is a Twitter response from the band:

She's PERFECT!!!! I've waited for this tattoo for years!!! I can't thank @artbyamberolsen enough. For this rendition of @lessthanjake's song cover art for "She's Gonna Break Soon" @artbyamberolsen is not only one of the best artists around, she's also one of the most amazing chicks I know. I'm stoked to have had the opportunity to get a piece done by her.


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