WWE SummerSlam: Elias Concert Segment

- Back from a break and Elias is in the ring with a spotlight and his guitar.

Elias invites everyone to Walk With Elias and starts talking about his recent album, calling it the greatest album of all-time. Elias figured he would kick off his SummerSlam concert with his greatest song yet. He gets a pop from the Brooklyn crowd but that turns to heat when he calls them disgusting New Yorkers. Elias says he is a global phenomenon but for now he needs everyone to silence their phones, hold their applause and shut their mouths.

He goes to start playing the guitar but it breaks in two. Fans chant "you f--ked up" now. Elias throws a little bit of a fit and tosses the guitar and the stool it looks like. The camera cuts to the back and that's it for the segment.


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