Spoilers: WWE MYC Tapings For Tonight

Remember to join us tonight at 9pm ET for our live Viewing Party.

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Kaitlyn defeated Kavita Devi to advance. Devi with a powerslam for 2. Not much to this one. Kaitlyn with a cannonball and a spear for the win

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Mia Yim defeated Allysin Kay to advance. Mia with a stiff kick from the apron to Kay. Kay with a huge pounce. Kay with chops on the outside. She rolls Mia into the ring but eats a kick, and Mia hits a suicide dive. Kay ducks a chop, and Mia hits the ring post. Dueling chants in the crowd. Mia goes for an armbar, but Kay powerbombs her with the one arm lift. They go nose-to-nose and trade shots until both go down. Mia with a Code Red for 2. This is awesome chants. Kay with a discus lariat for 2. Both girls land head kicks simultaneously and go down. Shelton shouts at Mia, and Mia asks why he's here. Mia hits Eat Defeat from the top rope and gets the pin, to Shelton's hilarious dismay

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Xia Li defeated Karen Q to advance. They bow to start instead of a handshake, and then go into a kung-fu style showdown, trading a flurry of kicks. They bow again and Karen slaps Xia. Xia fights back with some stiff kicks to the leg. Xia with a spinning heel kick for 2. Karen with a Samoan drop, but nobody home on the frogsplash. Xia hits a ground corkscrew kick for the win. Really fun sprint

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Toni Storm defeated Jinny to advance. Toni with a huge kick and knees to the face in the corner. Jinny plants Toni into the turnbuckle for 2. Jinny takes control. Jinny with a suplex for 2. Jinny working over the arm and neck. Jinny with a huge forearm. Toni with a huge German suplex, a hip attack in the corner, and a double underhook sitout bomb for the win


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