Former UFC champion Miesha Tate was a guest on a recent edition of MMA on SiriusXM when she was asked her thoughts on Conor McGregor’s recent outburst against a fan. McGregor took a cellphone from a male outside a Miami Beach hotel in the early morning hours this past Monday, destroying the phone. He was charged with strong-armed robbery and criminial mischief before being released on bond.

“It’s the price of fame,” Tate said. “It’s the unfortunate thing that megastars and super famous people to learn to put up with and Conor is no exception. You cannot take someone’s phone and smash it.

“It’s not breaking the law and it’s not illegal. It’s annoying, but it’s not crossing the line.”

Tate said she has been the target of unwanted photos before. She is currently working with ONE Championship in an executive role.

“Figure it out, Conor,” Tate said. “Do you appreciate your fans, all of them, the ones that are making you rich, or not? Blow the guy off. That’s kind of what you have to do. It’s the price of fame.”

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