Former WWE And TNA Star Shelly Martinez Thinks AEW Is In "Cahoots" With WWE, Talks Being Outspoken

Shelly Martinez stepped away from the rings a couple of years ago as an active performer, but she is still involved in the wrestling industry in a unique way. She talked more about that and gave an unorthodox opinion about AEW on VOC Nation Wrestling with History.

"I think [AEW is] in cahoots [with WWE]. It's all politics. If it's not happening now, it will happen," Martinez stated. "What I do know that is fact from behind the scenes: Not everything is what it seems?"

There's no word on who Martinez is getting this information from, but she did work with several of AEW's personnel while in WWE and TNA. In addition to that quote, Martinez has also been outspoken about other wrestling promotions and performers. She says she was muzzled while working with top promotions, but can now freely speak her mind without repercussion.

"I got in a lot of trouble in wrestling for saying how I feel or not letting some things go, but that's ok," Martinez said. "In that world [of pro wrestling] that just doesn't fly. It's really freeing that I'm able to totally be myself and do what I want on my terms now."

As for her current unique connection to pro wrestling, Martinez talked about what she's doing now.

"I did retire from pro wrestling. I do promote doing fantasy wrestling; I want to make it clear for the listeners that I look at it as a fetish modeling gig," Martinez revealed. "I don't look at it as pro wrestling in any way shape or form. My main focus is my secret society fan site (; that is my fan site that shows all of the stuff that I'm doing. It links to my Patreon site as well."

In addition to her fantasy wrestling, Martinez also creates digital content including podcasts and she talked about building her personal brand.

"I'm one of those people in professional wrestling that's been controversial and unorthodox, but it's so cool that there are platforms out there like Patreon that allow you to make [money] if you've acquired a fan base. I want to give [advice] to all of the independent [content] creators and independent wrestlers out there: Don't give up. Sometimes we have this big picture of where we're supposed to be, but sometimes we're just right where we are supposed to be," Martinez said.