Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California and it airs every Saturday on AXS TV at 8 PM EST. Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Below is what's on tonight's agenda.

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The show begins by showing Tessa Blanchard's relationship with Sophia Lopez and how she has helped Blanchard to not cross paths with top competitors like Jungle Grrrl and The Beast for the WOW Championship. Last week, Jungle Grrrl and The Beast got into it in the locker room. How will this affect their opportunity to go up against Blanchard for the title?

David McLane welcomes us to another edition to WOW! The first match of the night is announced.

Lana Star & Faith vs. Jessie Jones & Amber O'Neal

Faith with a full nelson. O'Neal reverses it with an arm lock. O'Neal tags in Jones. Faith twists Jones' arm. Jones reverses by throwing Faith into the ropes. Jones goes over to tag in O'Neal. Faith crawls over to Star and she jumps off the apron. She wants no part of this match. O'Neal has Faith on the mat. She puts her in a foot chokehold before tagging in Jones. Jones is working on Faith's shoulder with a shoulder thrust. Jones tags in O'Neal. O'Neal gives a hard kick to Faith's back. O'Neal locks in a double arm submission. Faith gets out of it. O'Neal drags Faith over to her corner to tag in Star, but she still won't tag herself in.

Jones gets the bone and arrow submission in. Faith relinquishes the hold. Faith fires back with a clothesline and a spinning roundhouse. Star finally gets tagged in and goes for the cover on Jones. Jones kicks out and tags in O'Neal. Now, the former friends are fighting hard. O'Neal with several right-hand strikes and a kickstand. She goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winners: Amber O'Neal & Jessie Jones

They will be moving on to the next round of the tag team series!

A highlight reel is shown of Princess Aussie's winning streak and how it came to an end several weeks ago. Tonight, she hopes to take home a win against Fury. Her match is next!

Back from the commercial break, Aussie's match is about to begin!

Princess Aussie vs. Fury (w/ Mezmeriah and Razor)

Aussie with an arm drag. Fury is down, and Aussie is locking up her arm. Fury rises to her feet. She throws her to the mat with a hair biel. On the outside, Razor grabs hold of Aussie's hair. Fury with a strong chest chop. Aussie and Fury trade blows. Fury hits Aussie right in the jaw and then goes for a running knee. Fury goes for the cover and Aussie kicks out. Aussie is in the corner gasping for air. Aussie with a dropkick. She goes to cover Fury and Fury kicks out. Razor tries to interfere while Aussie climbs to the top rope. Aussie kicks her. Fury is choking Aussie. Aussie is not giving up. She fights back with a few elbow strikes.

Fury now with a chop lands on Aussie's ear. Aussie with a kick to the midsection, followed by a flying forearm. Aussie with a snapmare. She goes for the cover and Fury kicks out at 2. Aussie climbs to the top rope and plants a tornado DDT. Aussie goes for the cover again and Fury kicks out. Fury with a downward spiral. She goes for the cover and Aussie kicks out. Aussie goes for a reverse DDT. She climbs over, hoping to get the win, but Fury kicks out again. After the help from Razor and Mezmeriah from the outside, Fury locks in the final fury. She goes for the cover and gets the win!

Winner: Fury

Post-Match: The Vodoo Sisters come in and taunt Aussie. She's able to escape the ring in time.

A video is shown of how Adrenaline and Fire became a tag team. Tonight will be their first match together. Fire knows that they will win this match!

Up next, another tag team series qualification match.

The Temptress & The Dagger vs. Fire & Adrenaline

Temptress and Fire start the match. Temptress dances around the ring and tries to tag in Dagger. Dagger leaps off the apron. She doesn't want to be tagged in just yet. Fire with a dropkick on Temptress. Goes for the cover and Temptress kicks out. Adrenaline gets tagged in. She lands a strong right boot on Temptress. Adrenaline with a head scissors. She goes to the top rope and Temptress pushes her off. Dagger comes in and lays her boots in on Adrenaline's midsection. Fire comes in to help her partner. Dagger tags herself in.

Adrenaline with an arm drag. Dagger takes advantage with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Dagger goes for the cover and Adrenaline kicks out. Dagger tags in Temptress. Temptress with a backbreaker. Still keeping Adrenaline in that position, she stretches her out. Adrenaline fights back as much as she can. Adrenaline reverses with a crucifix. Temptress tags in Dagger. Dagger with an enzuigiri. Next, she slams Adrenaline into the mat, followed by a slingshot. Fire gets in the ring and the referee tells her to go back on the apron.

Dagger tags in Temptress. Temptress stretches out Adrenaline again. Adrenaline gets up and lands a stunner. Adrenaline crawls over and tags in Fire. Fire with a forearm smash and a snapmare on Dagger, who just got tagged in. Adrenaline off the top rope jumps off and lands on Dagger. Fire on the outside fights off Temptress. Adrenaline flips over Dagger. Goes for the cover and gets the win!

Winners: Adrenaline & Fire

They will also be advancing to the next round of the tag team series!

We find out that Blanchard did not sign the contract that The Beast gave to her last week for an opportunity at the WOW Championship. So, instead, Lopez has sent in another one of her clients to fight The Beast tonight.

And now, the main event match!

Nikki Krampus (w/Sophia Lopez) vs. The Beast

The bell rings, and both women lock up. The Beast pushes Krampus into the corner. Krampus runs out of the corner and The Beast spears her right away. Krampus tries to attempt a clothesline, but isn't getting anywhere. The Beast lands a hard shoulder tackle. Krampus counters with a headbutt and then a foot choke. The Best with another spear, goes for the cover and wins the match.

Winner: The Beast

Post-Match: The Beast calls out Blanchard. Blanchard makes her way down to the ring. She's at ringside but won't step into the ring. From behind, Jungle Grrrl takes a chair and slams The Beast in the back with it.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!