Former WWE Superstar Rusev confirmed earlier today on his Twitch livestream that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’m absolutely positive for COVID-19,” Rusev said. “I’m absolutely, one-hundred percent, super, mega, incredibly positive. Yes, I got a phone call from the doctor.”

This comes after Lana revealed both her mom and dad tested positive for it, as well.

Lana’s mother went to the ICU and she’s doing much better now.

“So my mother is doing much better,” Lana said in an update. “They have had her off of the oxygen in the hospital for over 24 hours. Now that’s incredible, thank you guys for all of your prayers and positive thoughts. Her oxygen, um the thing she has to breathe in, is doing ? it’s like you don’t want it lower than 90 and it’s like 93 right now. So that’s really good. They’ve had her off of oxygen for over 24 hours and now she’s out of the ICU.

“She is in a hotel room that they are talking about releasing her um today because she’s doing much better. They said that she’s not out of the woods though yet, so you know just keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She is doing much better, so thank you guys so much.”

In regards to her father, he initially thought it was pollen allergies and was feeling very weak before receiving his diagnosis.

“My dad is doing better,” Lana stated. “He’s on about day 15 right now. He couldn’t get out of bed at all for a week. Last week, he couldn’t get out of bed, like he’s not asthmatic like my mother is. My mom is very asthmatic and that’s why it affected her lungs ? my dad couldn’t get out of bed, he was so weak.

“He thought he just had simple pollen allergies. Next thing you know he gets bedridden. Just be really really careful guys. My dad is doing better today. Yesterday was the first day that he started to feel better. Thank you guys for your prayers and your positive energy.”

Rusev was released from WWE in April due to company-wide cuts from COVID-19.