WWE’s Seth Rollins recently took it upon himself to brutally beat Rey Mysterio’s son, Dominik, by unleashing 30 lashings on his body with a kendo stick. For those who watched and saw the pictures, it looked as if Dominik was heading to SummerSlam in terrible condition. But after some rest and recuperation, Dominik is healed and ready to take on “The Monday Night Messiah” himself.

“I’m actually feeling much better,” Dominik replied in his interview on WWE’s The Bump. “The first couple of days were really rough because there was a stinging sensation throughout my upper body. Fighting back was uncomfortable, sleeping was tough, and so was training. The first couple of days they became bruises, but I healed up rather quickly.”

Before his debut match, he and his dad have spent some time training in different environments so he’s better prepared for what might be in store for him in his street fight match.

“We have a couple of things set up here and there, that if worse comes to worst, we have plans set up for that. We have been training in different types of environments,” he informed. “This is my first street fight match, let alone my first wrestling match, so we’re preparing for everything.”

Anyone who took a beating like Dominik did will never forget it. For Dominik, he finds his wounds to be something he takes great pride in. To him, those are marks that will remind him of what he can tolerate.

“I was raised very old school, so those wounds [I recevied] I take great pride in,” he stated. “The fact that I went out there and got beat but I came back and gave a beating back, it says a lot about how I can manage pain.”

Being the prodigy to his father, Dominik has spent his entire life in and around the pro wrestling industry. With close observation, he feels comfortable knowing what the fans want to see, and he plans on giving it to them this weekend.

“I’ve grown up in this business, so I know what it’s like. I know the differences between having a crowd and not having a crowd. So, I think in general, my experience growing up in this since like 5-years-old, I think it will definitely play a major factor.”

Once his match is over on Sunday, Dominik says that his next plan is to sit down with his father and discuss what’s next for him and his family’s legacy now that he’s signed with the company.

“I haven’t really given it much thought because I’m super focused on Sunday,” he announced. “After Sunday, I think I’ll definitely sit down with my dad and see what is the next step for the Mysterio dynasty is, and what steps I need to take next.”

You can Dominik Mysterio’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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