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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with a tag team match where Chase Parker and Samir Singh will represent Bolly-Rise this week!

Bolly-Rise (Chase Parker & Samir Singh) vs. Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Mansoor

Mansoor and Samir Singh begin the matchup. Samir locks in a tight side lock takedown. Mansoor turns it around with a wristlock. Samir escapes with a nice flip. He catches Mansoor with an arm drag. He continues with an inverted atomic drop and a nicely connected dropkick. Samir makes a tag out to Chase Parker. Mansoor traps Parker with another wristlock while he tags Ashante Adonis in.

Adonis locks in a tight vertical armbar. Parker goes up and over with a switch. Adonis and Parker trade words before Parker catches Adonis with another side headlock. Before Singh comes in, he lands a big kick on Adonis from the outside. Bolly-Rise sends Adonis crashing onto the mat with a double suplex. Samir looks for a cover. Adonis kicks out at two. Samir jumps off the top rope and catches Adonis in the jaw with a flying elbow. Samir goes for another cover. Adonis keeps himself alive with another kick out.

Adonis and Mansoor make their way back into the ring. Bolly-Rise join forces with the Bolly-Rise Blast off the top for another near fall! Mansoor sends Samir down with a falcon arrow. It doesn’t do the job, as Samir kicks out. Adonis gets his final move in with a long kiss goodnight superkick for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Mansoor

Post-Match: Ashante Adonis and Mansoor mock the fallen Bolly-Rise by doing their dance in the ring.

We look back at the ending of August Grey’s match with Jake Atlas last week, where Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari brutally attacked the two of them post-match. Up next, Atlas will seek vengeance upon Tony Nese in the main event!

Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese

Before their match starts, Ariya Daivari’s music hits, and he makes his way over to the commentary table. Back in the ring, Tony Nese pushes Jake Atlas towards the corner and keeps him there with a series of stomps. Atlas escapes with a beautiful head scissors takedown. Nese counters and looks for a pin. Atlas kicks out at two. Nese bulldozes Atlas with a back elbow for another near fall. Atlas is one step ahead with a nice neckbreaker. Atlas goes for a cover. Nese kicks out at two. Nese tries to send Atlas away with a spinning back kick. Atlas keeps himself alive with a kick out.

Nese waits for Atlas to get back on his feet. He lays down three stiff kicks before wrapping himself around Atlas with a body scissors takedown. Atlas fights out with a series of open-hand slaps. Atlas rocks Nese with a clothesline, sending him out of the ring. Atlas continues with a moonsault off the top rope! Back in the ring, Atlas catches the former Cruiserweight Champion with an inside out lariat! Atlas with a cover…Nese was close to losing but kicks out in time at 2.9. Nese comes flying off the ropes with a picture-perfect moonsault for another near fall.

Atlas escapes a German Suplex. His kicks keep coming with a few stiff ones before clocking Nese with a forearm. Atlas hooks the leg. Nese stays alive. Atlas counters Nese’s tornado DDT with a brainbuster. Atlas finds himself with another near fall count. Ariya Daivari leaves the commentary table and throws his gold chain over to Nese. August Grey comes rushing out to grab the chain from Nese. Atlas rolls Nese up and gains a pinfall victory over the former Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner: Jake Atlas

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!