On a recent episode of Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Layla was where she reflected on her career and her big accomplishments in WWE. Vickie Guerrero asked Layla what advice she would give to her younger self knowing what she knows now.

“Save your money because it comes in, and you thinking it’s never going to stop. It really is hard sometimes once you get to the point where you’re like, oh, it’s never going to stop,” Layla admitted. “Save you money. Stay humble. Walk in every day as the same person you walked in the first day you walked in that door because it is so hard to stay humble. I’m not the only one that can testify to that.

“Stay humble. Also, be kind to everybody. Whether you like them or don’t like them, you have to just be kind and always have empathy for somebody or mind your business. That’s what I would tell myself. Mind your own business. Stay out of any drama or anything like that. The last thing, enjoy it because you don’t get to stop and just sit back and enjoy the moment. You don’t get to be like, wow.

“You don’t even have the time to really accept that, and it’s gone now. For me, that’s it, and it’s like, did I really enjoy my time there. Did I really savor it, and remember it and really take it in? I would advise anybody going into any kind of wrestling company, those are the four points.”

Layla took questions from fans later in the podcast, and one fan asked Layla if she enjoyed her time in Extreme Exposé with Brooke and Kelly Kelly. They also asked Layla beating Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Title, and Layla recalled the crowd reaction and the moment she shared with a former WWE Champion.

“I really did enjoy it. Not at first because I was the one trying to get everything done,” Layla recalled. “There was anxiety and stuff like that, but I think we all enjoyed it. We all did enjoy it in the end. The Women’s Championship, I got told that day. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t have a clue. I was told that day. What happened was I guess Beth was injured, and they needed to get a new Women’s Champion. And I happened to be the only one that was on the road. I want to say 100% Fit Finlay, because he’d been working with me, training me [and] giving me everything, knowledge, love guidance, support and gave me the confidence to kind of believe in myself because I was the underdog at that time. I really was the underdog out of all the girls in our locker rooms.

“I came from the Diva Search. I didn’t even train, and so I was the underdog and I was training with him. And I will always love him, just want to put out there. Basically, when he told me, I was completely in shock, and I was like, oh my God. We went out there, won the title and the crowd, because it was in Beth Phoenix’s hometown, and the audience (Layla shows dramatic silence). Nothing. All you could hear was me (Layla imitates her reaction). There was nothing. When I look back now, that was Beth Phoenix because I was the underdog. I was the heel. I was the girl that you would not put the title on. So I knew okay, now I’m gonna win them over. That was the best way to start because if you start as a hero, who cares?

“I started right at the bottom and took it and was like, I’m gonna enjoy this moment. I don’t care if you guys want to enjoy it. I’m enjoying it. So it was actually awesome. I’m so happy that I won it that night, and the way that it went down and Michelle was next to me. Vickie was next to me. We worked so hard. What could I have asked for? It was one of the best nights for me. I went backstage, and Kofi [Kingston] was standing there. Kofi and I have always been close. And I just looked at him, and I was like, Kofi, me? I can’t believe it. A year ago, I thought I was going to leave WWE, and now, I’m winning the title.”

Layla was also asked about her dream opponents from the past and the present. Layla named one of her favorite wrestlers for a past choice, and for her present choice, she named a current champion who “works really good with everybody.”

“One of the from the past, Chyna because I was such a fan. I was a huge fan, and of course she’s going to kill me within two seconds, but I would totally love to do that,” Layla said. “I would love to work Chyna and have one match with her, and in the present, man, there’s so many good girls right now. They’re all amazing. I mean Sasha [Banks] is amazing, but I feel that’s so predictable. I think Asuka. I really, really love her work. I just think she’s just so clean and everything. She works really good with everybody.”

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