WWE officials reportedly have several returns lined up in the coming days and weeks, in addition to the returns that have been reported on.

It was reported today by Fightful Select that the company is “all hands on deck” right now with the return to touring and with welcoming fans back. There are said to be several returns planned, even beyond what has been outright reported as of late.

There are people within WWE who have been advised to make their best pitches over this period. While many of the returns are poorly kept secrets, people have been advised that the rosters will be “suped up” in the coming weeks.

As we’ve noted, there’s been a feeling that WWE decided to save multiple top returns for the return to touring with fans back in the crowd.

John Cena is rumored to return on next Friday’s SmackDown to begin the SummerSlam build for the match with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. You can click here for a possible big return for tonight’s SmackDown, or click here for a possible big return spoiler for Sunday’s Money In the Bank pay-per-view. You can also click here for a possible spoiler on a top name returning during Monday’s RAW.

Stay tuned for more.