In a new interview with CBS Sports, pro wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff discussed his ideas for ways to improve WWE’s product. The former Senior Vice President of WCW believes that WWE would benefit from structuring their long-term stories better.

“It would be story structure. It would be taking a more pragmatic approach to story structure. Actually, discipline would be a better word than pragmatic. It would be first recognizing that a good story has to have structure.

“It would be no different than shooting a movie that doesn’t have a script blocked out and not really knowing what the end of the movie is,” Eric continued. “You couldn’t be in the movie business that way. You couldn’t produce television shows that way. You can’t even write a book that way. I think with WWE because of the sheer volume of products that they produce globally every week, it only creates a more significant need for a more disciplined and well-thought-out story structure.”

Eric Bischoff also pointed to the similarities between their main shows RAW and SmackDown, and how the repetitiveness gets wearisome. He hopes the unpredictability factor is amped up so that viewers have surprises to look forward to.

“That’s part of the flaw with WWE creative, at least in my opinion, is that there’s such a sameness to everything. OK, one show is red and one show is blue, and there are different names on the roster, but the look and feel, the story-telling technique, or lack thereof, everything feels so familiar and has felt so familiar for so long. I think it would need to be de-sanitized.

“The WWE is such a perfectly executed live production that it doesn’t even feel live anymore,” Bischoff stated. “It feels like you’re watching a feature film. I think with wrestling because of what it is, an arena-based event, you want the viewers at home to feel like their part of that event. Sometimes overproducing that show can take that away from the home viewer.”

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