Former WWE Producer Calls Hulk Hogan ‘A Massive Piece Of Sh*t’

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is not the most well-received professional wrestler of all time, with fans or backstage.

While on "MinnMax", former WWE producer Dan Ryckert revealed how interacting with Hogan backstage was for him.

"Hulk Hogan's a massive piece of sh*t," Ryckert said. "No, he's a terrible person, but, you know, I kind of worked to some degree with most of the roster I'd say and a lot of legends and stuff. Ultimately, a lot of these people, they're pros."

The 12-time World Champion, Hogan, has been in the midst of controversy in the past, being removed from the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 following racist comments and remarks he made while speaking about his daughter, Brooke, dating a black man. Hogan was a judge on the WWE show "Tough Enough" at the time, and was cut from the program and replaced by The Miz as a judge when a video of the incident surfaced. Hogan used the n-word multiple times in the released tape and said, "I guess we're all a little racist."

Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 after serving a suspension for three years. Hogan then entered the WWE Hall of Fame for a second time in 2020, this time alongside the New World Order, a faction that ran rampant in WCW in the late 90s while they were in the 'Monday Night Wars' against WWE. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman were also inducted with the nWo. The induction did not come until 2021, however, due to COVID-19 forcing WWE to change up their plans on WrestleMania 36 weekend.

Hogan also hosted WrestleMania 37 since being reinstated, alongside former WWE Tag Team Champion Titus O'Neil, who went into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, receiving the Warrior Award for all of his charitable work outside of the squared circle.

AEW owner Tony Khan has made it known in the past that Hogan is banned from attending AEW shows, along with Hogan's wife, due to comments they have made.

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