Why Is WWE Booking Roman Reigns In So Many Tag Matches?

WWE has a Roman Reigns problem.

With top stars like Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton on the shelf, the number of wrestlers that can realistically beat the dominant Undisputed WWE Universal Champion dwindles.

Brian R. Solomon, a former author and employee for WWE Magazine, thinks that this has put Roman in "a holding pattern."

"From a booking perspective you need him to have opponents," Solomon told the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, stating that teaming Roman with his cousins The Usos is hiding the lack of viable challengers. "You've got people like Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, now Brock is back. Y'know, people that he could have good matches with, but people you know aren't gonna beat him."

Solomon said that while there are very few WWE superstars with a realistic chance, one injured star feels primed to dethrone Roman. "Cody is that somebody on the horizon," Solomon said, noting that when Rhodes returned to the company, the star felt like a lock to be champion by July, but that WWE seemed to be looking to "hold off" on the match, especially with a blockbuster opponent possibly waiting in the wings for Reigns.

"We're thinking The Rock might be on the horizon at WrestleMania," Solomon continued, "but like I've said before they don't need the title for that match."

Solomon feels that Roman could "very conceivably" lose the title before WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles. "That match is bigger than the title," calling it ostensibly a "double main event" in SoFi Stadium. "You can have Rock vs. Roman and then Cody vs. Somebody, anybody, maybe Brock for the title. The more I think about it, the more I think that might actually be what happens."

Reigns has been mostly unbeaten since winning the WWE Universal Championship in August of 2020. Solomon says that The Rock costing Roman the title – as long as Cody doesn't "look weak" – would be a way to still have an interesting build to the long-hyped match. "But I don't make these decisions."

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