10 Best TV Commercials Starring Wrestlers
In 1995, ESPN began covering wrestling matches on "SportsCenter" and used King Kong Bundy, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, The Undertaker, and Paul Bearer for a 30-second promo commercial. They stormed the ESPN offices, comically demanding on-air coverage, attacking employees and the show's hosts.
ESPN SportsCenter
In 2000, Chris Jericho appeared in a Canadian Taco Bell ad, pleading for charitable donations for young Canadians suffering from the epidemic "that scientists are calling 'The Munchies.'" Jericho asks viewers to "make a donation of only $3.99" to get three Taco Supremes and a soft drink to "help young people, like Todd, fight the munchies."
Taco Bell
The commercial opens with Bret Hart in a ring while the audience chants "Hitman" as his opponent Humpty, the cartoonish mascot of the Canadian restaurant chain Humpty's, enters. They then have a breakfast cook-off that ends with Hart saying, "You know, Humpty, maybe we should be a tag team."
In 2003, Triple H appeared in commercials for the YJ Stinger energy drink. One is a straightforward, hard-core wrestling-focused spot, while the other turns HHH's energy drink into killer bees that start chasing down one of his haters. Triple H then holds a can of YJ Stinger at the camera and snarls, "If you wanna play the game, you gotta feel the sting."
YJ Stinger
In the early 2000s, WWF signed a deal for a series of Chef Boyardee commercials, and the most creative was set in a jungle, where Mankind sat under a tree devouring cans of Overstuffed Ravioli as the "Boyardee-avore." He goes for the obvious pun by calling it "the perfect ravioli for all Mankind."
Chef Boyardee