Austin Theory Believes WWE Star Is 'Too Dangerous' For Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar has proven to be the most feared and dominant pro wrestler on WWE's modern-day roster. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Austin Theory says that there is one guy that he believes might be "a little too dangerous" for even "The Beast Incarnate" to handle.
Theory said he believes the show's recent storyline about Dominik Mysterio doing a stint behind bars has pushed him up the ranks as one of WWE's most dangerous men. Mysterio "went to prison" after an altercation at his family's home, and he began to cut promos about how his brief time in prison changed him.
The comical storyline has drawn praise from several current and former wrestlers. "I think Dom's a little too dangerous for Brock. That's Prison Dom we're talking about. I mean, [Dom] did some hard times, man," Theory joked with Hausman, "That's a touchy subject. I don't think Brock even wants to speak on that."