Facts About FTR That Only Hardcore Fans Know
Before being WWE's FRT, Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler were The Revival in NXT. In those early days, Wheeler said that Dusty Rhodes advised them, "The way you guys work, look, and talk [...] you're gonna have to work harder than anybody else to get where you wanna go. But I know you can do it."
Dusty Rhodes' Advice
Despite winning many tag team championships, FTR began to devolve into being the butt of all the jokes. In 2019, a "Ucey Hot" segment had The Usos putting their brand of vapor rub into The Revival's trunks before a match, causing a ringside reaction, but some fans felt it was disrespectful to The Revival's accomplishments.
The Ucey Hot Storyline
In 2020, Triple H knew FTR was frustrated over creative decisions in the tag team division and that they were vital talent to the brand, so he offered them a spot on the NXT roster. Dax said the interactions before their release were "all professional and all respectful," but FTR knew they were destined for greater things.
Triple H Tried to Keep FTR
FTR also felt that the chain of communication in WWE is terrible, and the process of pitching an idea is frustrating. "In our very last meeting with Vince," said Harwood, "he actually apologized to us, because the system was broken. And the crazy thing is, Vince wants to hear those ideas, whether he wants to use them or not."
McMahon Apologized
As the inaugural Women's Tag Team Champions in 2018, Sasha and Bayley heavily credit their tag team's success to FTR's help. Bayley and Sasha would sit down and study FTR matches, and FTR recommended matches for them to watch, pointing out specific details of what made the audience pop and get deeper into the conflict.
Bayley and Sasha Banks