Facts About WWE Music Group Only Hardcore Wrestling
Fans Know
Multiple Albums
Counting all the titles dating back to the mid-‘80s before being founded as WWE Music Group in 2006, the group has 53 albums and six EPs in total. Most releases from the label are compilations of various entrance themes, while some albums were honored specific wrestlers, like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Undertaker.
Various Record Label Ties
The first release from the WWE Music Group came in 1985 with “The Wrestling Album,” and the label’s distribution in the US has been handled by Sony Music Entertainment since the beginning. Under the Sony Music umbrella, several labels like Epic Records, Arista/RCA Records, and Koch Records have been attached to WWE Music Group releases.
1985's The Wrestling Album
Several WWE talent sang on “The Wrestling Album,” including Junkyard Dog, Jimmy Hart, and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, but the notable singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper — under the pen name Mona Flambé — also appeared on the LP. Besides Lauper, four other people received producer credits — Rick Derringer, Dave Wolff, Joel Dorn, and Jim Steinman.
The Non-Wrestling Album
The only non-wrestling album released by WWE Music Group was the self-titled album of the Florida-based metal band Neurotica. You may recognize the band’s track “Ride of Your Life,” which served as the theme to 2002’s King of the Ring, and it featured on both “Neurotica” and the 2002 compilation “WWF Forceable Entry.”
The Individual EPs
In 2007, WWE Music Group released a holiday EP titled “A Jingle with Jillian” from WWE Diva Jillian, known for her tone-deaf-singer gimmick. Exclusively released on iTunes, it features Jillian’s takes on holiday classics. A lot less cringe are the two EPs released by Elias in 2018 and 2020, titled “Walk with Elias” and “Universal Truth,” respectively.