How Colt Cabana Nearly Lost His Finger After A Trip To Australia
When veteran wrestler Colt Cabana flew to Australia in 2012, one incident quickly turned the fun trip into a scary situation. What Cabana had initially dismissed as a harmless cut on his right hand turned out to be a lot worse when he unwrapped the bandage to find a gaping hole below his fingernail, and his finger appeared incredibly swollen.
Upon visiting the hospital, Cabana learned that he had a horrific infection, and the doctors warned that they might have to amputate his finger. "Classic" underwent immediate surgery and met with a specialist afterward while his fans and the wrestling community started a new campaign called, "Save Colt's Finger."
The online campaign received huge traction on Twitter, and everybody from fans to professional wrestlers like Natalya, Samoa Joe, and CM Punk participated in the campaign. Cabana returned to action on December 12 at Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling in British Columbia, Canada, teaming with The Stallions to defeat Bishop and The Administration.