Remembering The Honky Tonk Man's Short Run In WCW
The Honky Tonk Man arrived at WCW’s Clash of the Champions XXVIII on August 24, 1994, and targeted the WCW World Television Championship held by Johnny B. Badd. Honky faced Badd at Halloween Havoc 1994 in a 10-minute draw, culminating in Starrcade 1994, but he was replaced that night by Arn Anderson and removed from WCW forever.
Honky said that WCW’s Senior VP Eric Bischoff wanted him “to start doing jobs for Johnny B. Badd” at $1000 per appearance. He felt slighted at this offer and refused to do the same at Starrcade, citing the lack of a contract and job security, and after an altercation with Bischoff, Honky walked out.
However, Bischoff denied this, claiming, “I fired him,” adding, “There’s no question, I did it in front of a bunch of people in a loading dock area at the arena.” When told by Honky he wouldn’t “do the job unless his contract was revisited,” Bischoff said, “Great, that’s an ultimatum; they don’t work for me; you’re done; you’re out.”