INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 11: Jimmy Hart attends the WrestleMania Launch Party at SoFi Stadium on August 11, 2022 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)
The Best Managers In WWE History, Ranked
Tammy Sytch appeared as Sunny alongside real-life boyfriend Chris “Skip” Candido, and it wasn't long before she was managing the WWF Tag Team Champions, Skip and Zip. Her biggest year was 1996, when she managed The Bodydonnas, The Godwinns, and The Smoking Gunns, all of whom she helped lead to tag team gold.
12. Sunny
After starting his own promotion, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Jim Cornette started a very successful management career in the WWF. Between 1993 and 1998, Cornette led multiple angles and managed the likes of Owen Hart, Yokozuna, and The British Bulldog — a team lovingly called “Camp Cornette.”
11. Jim Cornette
The Grand Wizard was synonymous with gold in the World Wide Wrestling Federation in the 1970s and early 1980s. After leading Stan Stasiak to singles gold, The Grand Wizard set his sights on Superstar Billy Graham and helped him defeat the legendary Bruno Sammartino to win the title in Baltimore on April 30, 1977.
10. The Grand Wizard
Arnold Skaaland was known as both a wrestler and manager during his time in the WWWF and WWF while also serving as a producer and business partner alongside Vince McMahon, Sr. Skaaland was the manager of Bruno Sammartino, one of the greatest champions the WWWF ever had.
9. Arnold Skaaland
Freddie Blassie was one of the most prominent figures in the WWF, managing hall of famers such as Hulk Hogan, Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and many more. One of Blassie's biggest moments came when he served as the manager for Muhammad Ali in his bout against Antonio Inoki, the infamous wrestler versus boxer match in Japan in 1976.
8. Classy Freddie Blassie