The Bizarre Steve Austin And Eddie Guerrero Feud That Started With Karaoke
WWE producer Bruce Prichard describes the May 20, 2002 segment of "WWE RAW" where Eddie Guerrero and Steve Austin meet in a karaoke bar for a segment, saying it was, "probably some of the worst TV that I ever did." At the time, Austin was in disagreement with the company and WWE had just re-hired Guerrero after his brief return to NJPW.
Nobody wanted to go ahead with the segment because of Austin's issues with the creative team, his personal issues outside the ring, and Guerrero's real-life addiction struggles. Prichard recalled. "Eddie was uncomfortable being in the bar. It was, 'Look, Eddie, you're either a performer or you're not.' He got over it pretty quickly."
Although he'd return in 2003, Austin walked out of WWE shortly afterward, allegedly upset over upcoming plans to have him lose to Lesnar. Guerrero defeated Lesnar in 2004 to become WWE Champion, but after tragically passing away the next year, the feud between Austin and him will be an eternal "what if."