The Most Questionable Vince McMahon Moments Of
All Time
The Montreal Screwjob
The 1997 Survivor Series in Montreal saw WWF champion Bret Hart have his title unjustly snatched by real-life adversary HBK in front of his home crowd, because Vince McMahon hated Hart's decision to leave for WCW. A humiliated Bret punched Vince backstage, who later claimed, “Bret screwed Bret,” without remorse.
Bark Like A Dog
In the prime of his heel character, McMahon demanded Trish Stratus to walk around the ring on all fours and bark like a dog, before making her strip on live TV, to demonstrate his authority. Although considered an extremely humiliating segment, Stratus later claimed in a 2022 interview that she loved the angle and thought it was “amazing.”
The Racial Slur
In a backstage segment in Survivor Series 2005, McMahon casually dropped the N-word in a conversation with John Cena, while Booker T and Sharmell were within earshot. Although WWE defended the angle, Peacock removed this questionable moment and a few others like this from its acquired WWE library.
The Wedding Day Firing
Punk revealed that despite informing Triple H of his desire to have a proper chat with him following Punk’s honeymoon, he received his termination notice on the day of his wedding, through a FedEx. Vince denied this act was intentional and apologized for firing him on his wedding day — an apology that Punk has rejected.
Interviewing A Widow
The night after Brian Pillman’s passing, Vince interviewed his still-grieving widow Melanie on live TV. Although she struggled with coming to terms with her husband’s sudden death and the pain that followed, McMahon's decision to make her discuss the event so soon was viewed as a disgusting and shameful way to get ratings.