Former WWE Diva Rochelle Speaks Out On Backstage Problems With Randy Orton, & More

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FEATURING: Rochelle Loewen,
HOSTS: Chris Cash & Big Mike
DATE OF: 06-13-2005
SUBJECT: Rochelle Loewen is the first woman to come forward and speak about Randy Orton and his somewhat disturbing behavior toward the women within the WWE locker room. She sat down with Chris Cash and Big Mike of the Voice of Wrestling radio show this week for a 30-minute interview discussing the recent "poop prank" (for lack of a better phrase) that Randy Orton supposedly left in her bag, her overall experience working for the WWE, why she left, and what she thinks of the rest of the divas she worked with. Plus, Rochelle lashes out at former Smackdown! diva, Amy Weber.

Backstage resentment toward the women with no history in wrestling and little to no product knowledge prior to coming in was felt quite often by Rochelle Loewen. However, it was the other women in the back that typically showed their displeasure, not the men. "For me to just come on in and not do the diva search," Loewen explained, "there was a little animosity, I suppose. I don't think the men really cared".

This left very little reasoning for the incident between Loewen and Randy Orton. Although Rochelle does say Orton vandalized her belongings, the extreme version found on the 'net is not true. "It was just merely self-tanning lotion and baby oil," Rochelle revealed what she found in her bag, "but I wouldn't put it past him to s***t in my bag". The story behind what led to this and Loewen's comments about the "true" Randy Orton are what got very interesting.

Loewen claims Orton had a vendetta against her the entire time she was with the company speculating it was due to the fact she didn't know his name. "Prior to being with the WWE," she said, "I didn't aim to go and work for the WWE. WWE came and asked me to work for them. In lieu of that, I wasn't a big fan and I didn't know a lot about wrestling". Despite being a fan now and loving the business, Rochelle wasn't familiar with everyone's name at first and when she met Orton, she told him he looked familiar. He agreed and asked her where he knew her from. "Are you from Canada," she responded. After looking her up and down, Orton (according to Loewen) said before storming off, "I hate Canada and I hate you"!

"Wow...welcome to bazoogaville," Rochelle thought after the confrontation with Orton, "what kind of person behaves like that?" Later that day, Loewen claims Orton did more things that were "inappropriate and verbally abusive", but didn't explain what they were, just that she didn't really pay any attention to them. "Near the end of the day, I was doing a pre-tape with Mr. Bischoff," she continues, "and it took us about an hour or two. Then I went back to the changing room and all of my very, very nice belongings...had been totally destroyed by Randy Orton who had snuck into the female changing room". The lotion and baby oil had been smeared all over her belongings.

According to Rochelle, it wouldn't have mattered if it was "Wal-Mart crap" in the bag or stuff from Salvation Army, it would have still been horrible. A somewhat funny story as she was leaving...she ran into Johnny Ace who very excitedly asked how her first day was with the WWE. "I was like, 'you want the honest truth, or do you want me to lie' and he's like 'honestly'," she laughs, "I said 'well basically, it was horrible, I won't even be compensated enough from today's work to cover the damages rendered to my personal belongings'". Johnny even assumed it was Orton. "It was no secret that he had a hard-on for me".

Things got real interesting right around here...

"The reason Randy Orton did what he did had nothing to do with the competition," she disclaimed, "his behavior had everything to do with how pathetic this person is, how psycho he is, and how his mentality is completely off-key with what normal mentalities should be. Maybe momma wasn't nice to him when he was a little boy or dropped him on his head too many times. He had some real issues with beautiful women," she said, "I don't know what they are, but he definitely does".

According to Loewen, Orton's infatuation with her turned to jealousy when she moved to Smackdown! "I became very good friends with Mark Jindrak who is Randy Orton's best friend," she told the hosts, "and I would travel with Mark and Rey [Mysterio] and I'm sure that ate Randy alive. In fact, Randy wouldn't even talk to Mark Jindrak, the reflection of perfection, for a while because of that". To squash any rumors this could potentially start, the hosts confirmed she wasn't interested in Jindrak. "I really got along with him," she responded, "I thought he was a great guy, same with Mysterio".

Ending the discussion on Randy Orton, Loewen ended with some fairly strong words:

"He's an animal...he's an absolute animal. What kind of man acts like that when he likes a beautiful woman? This guy is just absolutely out to lunch..he's just retarded"!

Part two of this very entertaining and controversial interview with Rochelle Loewen will be out tomorrow. In part two, Rochelle Loewen presents "Former WWE divas say the darndest things..." as she goes into detail about her disgust with the way women are treated within the WWE, the reason she left the company, and why Amy Weber, in her opinion, was the "Anti-Christ" of the locker room. Also visit for the latest show featuring Jeff Dockem, "The Truth" with Dr. Tom Prichard, "Plan B" with Kevin Kelly, and special guest, WWE's Ivory. An interview with Gail Kim is also archived on the site. Recaps of both the Gail Kim interview and the June 13th edition of the Voice of Wrestling with Ivory will be sent out shortly.