TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the X Division Champion Samoa Joe. Borash brings up the Triple Threat tonight with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Joe talks about the conduct of the code in the X Division Division. He begs to differ about that and says it is really all about the X Division Title. Joe mentions how he will bring two towels tonight, one bloody and one fresh that he will put in his trophy case. He says the odds are against both Styles and Daniels since they will face him tonight.

- We go back live to the Impact Zone and we still TNA trainers still attending to Abyss. They show a few more replays of The Gore that Abyss took sending him off the top of the rafters through the four stacked tables. Abyss eventually gets to his feet and the fans in Orlando clap.

- A video package rolls hyping the X Division Title Match tonight when Samoa Joe defends against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in a Triple Threat.

X Division Championship - Triple Threat Match Samoa Joe (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels The bell rings and here we go. Joe grabs AJ in a side-headlock, breaks that and takes out Daniels. Daniels then goes after AJ with some rights followed by a full-body takedown. Joe gives Daniels a snapmare, two chops and a big knee drop. Styles takes out Joe with a scoop slam and knee drop. Daniels chops Styles and gets Joe in a headlock. Styles dropkicks Joe and Daniels. Styles hits a backbreaker on Daniels and then goes after Joe with some forearms to the back. Styles attempts a suplex on Joe, but Joe counters that into a front suplex on Styles that see the head of Styles bounce off the mat with force! Joe hits a stiff kick to the gut on Styles. Daniels leaps back in the ring and takes out Joe with an elbow. Daniels hits a monkey flip on Styles from the corner. When Styles flips, he gets caught by Joe who applies a boston crab. Daniels breaks that up and then hits a knee on Joe sending him to the outside. When Daniels looks to leap over, Styles cuts him off. Styles leaps to the ring apron, kicks Joe and then Daniels sends Styles off the ring apron. Daniels looks to leap through the second rope, but gets cut off when Joe nails him with a stiff right hand! Styles then sends Joe with force into the guard railing.

In the ring, Styles hits a vertical suplex on Daniels and then applies a full-body bridge chin lock. Joe comes in the ring and breaks it up. Joe then applies an STF on Styles. Daniels elbows Joe and then applies a submission on Joe as well forming a submission circle as Don West described. Daniels gives Styles a scoop slam followed by a slingshot elbow drop over the top rope. Joe chops Daniels in the corner a few times followed by a big charging knee in the corner. Joe gives Daniels the face wash in the corner, backs up, charges and hits a huge running face wash on Daniels. Styles grabs Joe, irish whips him, Styles charges and Joe catches Styles, slamming him back down hard on the mat from the corner. Daniels then nails Joe with three shoulder blocks from the ring apron. Daniels hooks the arm of Joe, but Joe backs up and slaps Daniels. Styles charges at Joe, Joe ducks, Styles leaps over and takes out Daniels on the outside. Styles and Daniels brawl on the floor when Joe goes off the ropes, dives through the second rope and takes out both Styles and Daniels! The crowd in Orlando starts up a loud "TNA" chant. Joe grabs Daniels and tosses him back in the ring. Joe then goes over to Styles and kicks him a few times. Joe kicks Styles in the chest and throws him back in the ring.

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