WWE RAW Results (5/5)

WWE RAW Results (5/5) Trish Stratus & Vince McMahon!

Winners – Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels

I told you it was next. Orton gets a good-sized pop in the same place he won his first World Championship from Chris Benoit. He was popular then, too. Orton looks angry, like someone woke him up too early or something. Punk gets a good reaction, too. I believe this is the first meeting between these two. King points out that Punk is turning up on all three brands because of the MITB contract.

Orton grabs a side headlock and gets the first knock down with a shoulder block. Side headlock again by Orton, and another knock down. Punk comes back with a number of kicks and clotheslines Orton to the floor. Punk tries a plancha, Orton moves and Punk lands on the apron, but Orton yanks him off and Punk takes a nasty flat back bump on the floor. Back in and Orton gets 2. Orton connects with those measured stomps to the knees and ankles and head of Punk. Punk avoids the knee drop and knots up the thighs off Orton. Orton ducks a springboard reverse cross body and gets two. Orton applies the chin lock now, believe it or not. Punk comes back with a knee to the gut of Orton, a roundhouse kick, high knee in the corner and a bulldog! That all gets 2! Punk takes Orton down… and Regal is here. Lights out. Great. Forgive me if I don't recap this part. Oh, this match is officially over.

Winner – Um, Regal?

Backstage, Orton wants to know what's going on. It's been two weeks in a row and he's going to Regal's office, right now! Big pop for that.

Carlito is here with his Cabana. What happened last week between Santino and Roddy The Piper was not cool. Carlito introduces Rowdy Roddy Piper. Carlito welcomes Piper. He knows how annoying Santino can be, but Piper went too far. Piper says he's been taking it too far all his life. He beat Mr. T and Hulk Hogan and doesn't have time to play "nice nice" to the Super Mario Brother. His name is Rowdy Roddy Piper and he did it his way, with a slap. Carlito says they are future tag champions. Carlito says he would have slapped him back. Piper says he is lucky he didn't bring a seagull to beat him up and make a nest in that thing he calls a hair do. Santino is here, apparently no longer under the influence. Santino says Piper is all his. Rodney the Piper says he's so tough. Santino says it took him 8 years to become Intercontinental Champion doing it [Piper's] way whereas Santino won the gold on his first night. Piper says Santino needs to get a designated driver! Winner! Business is about to pick up when Cody Rhodes turns up. This is not how you treat a legend. Carlito says Cody's boyfriend Hardcore isn't here. Buy Cody has more back up in the form of Cryme Tyme. Rhodes and Cryme Tyme hit the ring. They chill in the Cabana and Santino and Marella bail. Tonight, it ain't about that money, money… it's about that Rowdy, Rowdy, yeah, yeah! Piper dancing is a disturbing sight.

Judgment Day:
Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Triple H
JBL vs. John Cena

In the back, JBL says none of us could know what it is like to be him. He's going to take us for a ride in his stretch limo. There's plenty of legroom, a bar and a full internet connection. Cena likes cars, but JBL rides in the back. At Judgment Day, Cena's going to be in a car crash. JBL wants to give us a preview of Judgment Day. JBL runs down DH Smith and Canada. He says Davey Boy, nor Bret nor God can help him right now.

JBL vs. DH Smith

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