TNA No Surrender: Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

TNA No Surrender: Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt
Ladder of Love Match
Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt
Lethal gives Val a bouquet of roses before getting in the ring. She looks disgusted as she sets them on the table. The bell rings and the match is underway. To win the participant has to climb a ladder and grab the engagement ring above the ring.

Full nelson suplex from Lethal onto Dutt. He goes to the outside for a high risk spot. Dutt is pushed into the rail on the outside by Lethal. Mike Tenay says that Jacqueline has attacked Salinas in the bathroom and that Salinas was taken to the hospital. Lethal sets a ladder up on the rail and in the ring. He drops Dutt on it.

Lethal whips Sonjay into the rail. Dutt starts to build a counter as he sling shots his way over the top rope with a leg drop on Lethal. Lethal counters with a huge back body drop on Dutt where he goes out of the ring onto the ladder setup. Lethal sets the ladder up and starts to climb it. Dutt jumps off the rope, onto the ladder, and slams Lethal off the ladder. Dutt sets the ladder, which fell on the awesome spot, back up. Lethal grabs Dutt off the ladder and rams him into it.

Lethal gets to the top but before he can get the ring Dutt throws him off and onto another ladder setup in the ropes. Dutt goes for a forward moonsault onto Lethal but he missed - they sold it like it connected.

Dutt starts to climb the ladder. Lethal picked the other ladder off and chases Sonjay off it. Sonjay and Lethal work in the ring. Lots of fast paced stuff on the mat as Lethal catapults Sonjay into the air. He was trying to send him into the ladders, but they didn't connect.

Lethal gets Dutt under a ladder and bangs his back off it. Lethal climbs up and reaches for the ring but Dutt pulls him off. Dutt drops Lethal in between the ladder setup in the ropes. Sonjay climbs the ladder but Lethal springboards onto him with a dropkick, knocking him off the ladder. Sonjay sets Lethal up in a tree of woe position in the corner with Lethal's head in a ladder. Lethal lands a dropkick on the ladder. Lethal falls out after the spot.

Sonjay pulls one of the ladders to the bottom of the ramp. Sonjay gets a chair from under the ring and sets a ladder on it. Sonjay kicks Lethal in the ribs on the outside. Lethal counters out of nowhere with a chop. Dutt counters and finally drops Lethal hard on the ladder. Dutt sold that he hurt his back.

Dutt is in the ring with a ladder, setting it up. Lethal brings another ladder into play as he is in the ring as well. Dutt starts climbing his ladder while Lethal starts climbing his own. They work on the top of the ladders. Lethal is laid out across both ladders. Camel clutch applied by Dutt on Lethal. Lethal drops Dutt from the top of both ladders.

Lethal gets caught up in the ladder, the referee tries to help him. Val gets in the ring and sets him loose. Sonjay gets up and starts to argue with Val. He's furious for her helping Lethal. Val begins to cry as Lethal crawls to Val. Lethal climbs to the top of a ladder. Lethal goes up the other side, Val delivers a blow to Lethal as Dutt grabs the ring.

Winner - Sonjay Dutt

After the match, Dutt and SoCal Val make out in the ring.

We're backstage with Jeremy Borash and Kurt Angle. JB asks if the situation with Booker T has him down. Angle says Booker T or not things will still go down. Angle says that he is the business and that Somoa Joe isn't even in the same category as him. Angle tells JJ that he hasn't forgot about him because he cost him his Gold Medal and that is something that means more to him than his own kids. Angle says it's real - it's damn real!

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