TNA Hard Justice Results (8/16) - Elijah Burke, & More!

Magnus hits the ring and Storm hits a double clothesline on Magnus and Williams. Roode hits the ring and he sends Magnus into Williams who is hanging in the tree of woe. Beer Money crotch Magnus into the face of Williams. Williams then falls down into Magnus that causes more laughter from the crowd in Orlando. Storm has the legal tag and hits a big boot on Williams. Williams then tosses Storm face first into the boot of Magnus who gets the tag. Magnus steps on the head of Storm in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Quick tag back to Williams after Magnus takes Storm down. Williams and Magnus work over the arms and legs of Storm applying quick submissions. Williams with a big European Uppercut that sends Storm down into the corner. Tag to Magnus and The British Invasion double team Storm with a high knee and big boot. Magnus covers and Storm kicks out after two. Magnus starts slapping Storm in the corner and Storm hits him with a big superkick. Tag to Roode and Williams. Roode with big clotheslines on Williams. Roode with a high back body drop on Williams and an atomic drop and right hand on Magnus. Roode with chops to Williams in the corner. Roode with a big boot and blockbuster from the corner on Williams.

Cover and Magnus breaks up the pinfall, but drops an elbow on Williams instead when Roode moves. Beer Money with a suplex on Magnus. Storm and Roode do the "BEER!" and "MONEY!" taunt as the crowd chants along with. Roode with a swinging rock bottom on Williams. Magnus breaks up the pinfall. Eric Young then leaves the announce table and slides one of the titles into the ring. This distracts Storm and allows Roode to get rolled up after taking a low blow to get the pinfall.

Winners & STILL IWGP Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams)

After the match, Eric Young gets in the ring and almost gets double teamed by Beer Money. The British Invasion then get involved to break it up and help Young get away. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish with Young getting involved.

- Backstage, Lauren is with ODB and Cody Deaner. Lauren asks what would happen...and Cody cuts her off. He said he knows what he is going to say. What would happen if The Beautiful People try to rape him live on Pay Per View tonight in the ring. Deaner said he only has eyes for one woman - ODB. ODB said she plans to win the TNA "Knocked Up" Title, will spray lime juice all over that title and shine it up with her "big boobies." They take off and Lauren complains that she couldn't even get a question in.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love (c) & Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Cody Deaner

The bell rings and we start with Angelina Love and ODB. They get in each others faces and shove each other away. Love charges at ODB and ODB powers her into the corner. Love with kicks to ODB and some elbows. ODB with a fallaway slam on Love. ODB flips up, charges, but misses a splash on Love in the corner. Love with a bulldog on ODB, cover and ODB quickly kicks out after two. Love with a tag to Velvet Sky who kicks ODB in the corner. Sky with shoulder charges on ODB in the corner. Sky kicks ODB and then mounts her hitting some right hands. ODB with a shoulder block on Sky, cover and Sky kicks out after two. Tag to Cody Deaner who slaps Sky right on the ass and the crowd loves it. The Deaner keeps on slapping her on the ass and puts her up on the top turnbuckle. He slaps her on the ass 10 times as the crowd chants along. The Deaner has duct tape on around his wrists. Tag back to ODB and Love. ODB catches Love with a big boot in the corner. Madison Rayne tries interfering and gets pie faced by ODB. This allows Love to throw ODB off the corner. Cover and ODB kicks out after two. Tag to Love who kicks ODB right in the ribs with force. Love drops an elbow over ODB. Tenay and West point out that Sky's butt is all red from getting slapped by Deaner.

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