ROH Glory By Honor V Results (9/26) w/ My Live Notes

8) The Young Bucks over Jay and Mark Briscoe Bucks hit "More bang for ya buck" on Jay. Ryan Clark note: I expected more here but it was still very good.

9) The Final Countdown
Bryan Danielson over Nigel McGuinness-Just starting ring got peppered with streamers more for Bryan then Nigel. Dragon wins with a triangle choke and elbows. Ryan Clark note: Both cut promos afterwards and were way over. No 'You Sold Out' chants or anything like that. Nigel put over ROH and owner Cary Silkin, as well as jokingly calling Danielson a "clam digger," before putting him over as well and crediting Danielson as ROH's best wrestler. Danielson got on the mic and thanked everybody, but also insisted that the best matches from this year weren't his. Danielson claimed that The American Wolves, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries (who he deemed his best rival) were all having better matches than him. Danielson thanked Cary Silkin for taking ROH and "pulling it from the rubble." Danielson thanked Nigel for being the best opponent he has ever fought and thanked Todd Sinclair for being the best referee ever, claiming that the two traveled together everywhere. Danielson even put over the doctor in the back, stating that he loves him too. Danielson also said that ROH is his favorite place to have ever wrestled and as his last request he wants the fans to always support ROH, even after he and Nigel are gone. Danielson says that without ROH he would've been another wrestler doing boring rest holds. Some guys in the audience shouted for Danielson to punch Cena in the ear to which he responded "I'll walk right up to that sonuvabitch and....!" (cocks fist) to THUNDEROUS laughter and applause. This prompted a "He's Gonna Get His Fuckin' Head Kicked In," chant. Danielson's response this time: "Not if I can't see him!" (makes gesture) Finally, Danielson requested that Final Countdown be played one last time and thanked everybody again.

Ryan Clark note: Overall, a really good show from top to bottom. Definitely worth the three hour drive down followed by a three hour drive back up north to Albany which got us back here around 5AM after a few drinks in Manhattan! The show went nearly five hours and fans didn't leave the place until after 12:30AM. We're off to the Times Union Center for Monday Night RAW tomorrow night. Be sure to join us here on the website for live coverage all afternoon and evening tomorrow!!

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