-- Fanhouse is featuring an interview with TNA star Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness) where he discusses his time with TNA so far and his thoughts on former ROH star Bryan Danielson debuting in WWE as Daniel Bryan. "I think he'll be tremendously successful. The thing with Bryan is that everybody says he's the best wrestler in the world, and you know I think I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who I'd say is better. It's difficult, isn't it? A lot of people with a lot of talent go in to WWE, and some of them for whatever reason get lost in the cracks and don't make it to the level of success that you think they would. But I think Dragon has always over-succeeded in his life, and by that I don't mean that he's not as good as people say he is. He's every bit as good as he says. But when you look at him, and a lot of people will say this, but when you look at him, you don't think he's ... you know, he's not predestined to be a fantastic professional wrestler. He doesn't necessarily have the look, he doesn't necessarily have the athletic ability, but he's worked so hard."

-- A great interview with Rob Van Dam from late January is available at newsday.com/steelcage Here is one of the major highlights: The one thing I'm sure you've been asked a lot about is TNA. Obviously, they've just re-launched their whole product. There's been a lot of speculation and expectation that you'd be part of it and would maybe be the big mystery announcement at last week's pay per view. Can you talk a bit about what your relationship has been with TNA. Have you talked with them and is it something that you're interested in? I think everybody knows that I was at the pay per view they did out here in Los Angeles. It was right after I got back from the American Wrestling Rampage tour that I was just talking about in Europe. And that started a lot of rumors as if there wasn't enough of them out there already. And they let me know that they were interested on their end. And at the time I was like, "Yeah, you know I'm really not looking to do this." And it's not just, you know, I wrestle overseas so why not wrestle for TNA? It's also closing the door on WWE, which I have open. But I'm not ready to walk through that door either. And I'm not even thinking about going back to a fulltime crazy, non-ending schedule, like I couldn't wait to get away from before. Things are kind of changing now in the respect that it's a little more exciting since Hogan and Bischoff took over TNA. People are talking about it whether they're putting it over or they're critiquing it. Either way, they're talking about it. They're getting their highest ratings. I don't think WWE is afraid of them. I thought maybe there might be a little competition and both groups might have to raise the stakes a little bit, which wouldn't be bad for RVD. But it doesn't look like WWE is even sweating them. And who knows what it would take to tip the scales and change that? Maybe it'll keep progressing in that manner. There's some interest now. Before I was like, "I don't see it. No thanks." And now I'm getting a little wrapped up in all the hype. All day, whenever I leave my house, all day long fans are always like, "Rob, go to TNA!" Sometimes WWE. Sometimes they even say Ring of Honor. But they all want to see me go back. And I feel a little obligated to them. But the highest on my priority list is still time with my wife at home. If it's possible to do both, then maybe things will work out. I'm also very protective of sharing control of my image. That's something a lot of people don't consider. It's not just wrestling. It's letting somebody else control your image and put you in situations that you don't want to be in or that you wouldn't be in. And when you're someone that's really genuine like RVD, then that's important. Because I'm not a character. And I think that's really, hopefully one of the qualities that my fans admire about me. What you see is what you get. I'm the real deal. That's why I can step into the ring after having many months off and not have any rust. I'm still working out, stretching. I'm a real life action hero.

-- TNA star Matt Morgan was mentioned during Sunday's ESPN Sportscenter. The hosts on the show were talking about a Winthrop college basketball player who has the same name and noted the player wasn't "The Blue Print" Matt Morgan from TNA Wrestlin

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