• Here are the results from last night's Ring of Honor show in Phoenix, courtesy Mike Johnson and PWInsider:

    Ring of Honor made their Phoenix, Arizona debut tonight at the Phoenix College North Gym.

    Shawn Daivari vs. Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Goodtime vs. Skullkrusher Raschke Brown vs. Human Tornado vs. Colt Cabana

    Human Tornado was a surprise, since he had just announced his retirement a few weeks back. Ryan and Daivari were accompanied by Prince Nana and were representing the Embassy. The crowd chanted "Embassy sucks" early. Cabana seemed to be the early favorite. The crowd was all over Daivari for getting fired by TNA. Goodtime and Tornado opened the bout. Tornado caught him with armdrags and hiptosses, then did the dancing kicks in the corner. Brown tagged in and then killed Tornado with a right hand. The Embassy worked him over in the corner.

    Cabana leaped into the fray to help and was left against Brown. Cabana called for The Embassy to return. That was funny. Brown overpowered Cabana easily. The Embassy tripped Brown. Tornado took out Colt Daivari took out Tornado. Goodtime nailed Daivari with a bicycle kick. Everyone ended up on the outside, where Cabana nailed them with as Asai moonsault. Tornado and Goodtime hit stereo dives over the top to the floor. The crowd loved the dives.

    Back in the ring, The Embassy doubleteamed Tornado. Brown nailed Daivari with a discus punch then took out Ryan with a spear. Cabana tagged in and chopped Brown in the corner. He naled the Flying a-hole in the corner, then a clothesline. Goodtime came off the top on Cabana. Davari drilled him with a death valley driver. Brown nailed a running dive over the top, wiping out everyone. Goodtime missed a missile dropkick on Cabana. Cabana locked in the Curse of the Billy Goat and forced the submission.

    Your winner, Colt Cabana!

    If you liked dives and highspots, this was for all as it was all action action action. The crowd was really into it.

    Scott Lost and Scorpio Sky vs. The Kings of Wrestling (with Shane Hagadorn)

    The Kings worked over Sky and Lost early with double team maneuvers. They double powerbombed Lost. Claudio slapped Sky to set up distracting the ref so they could continue the beating. Lost made a comeback on Castagnoli and tagged in Sky. They tagged in and out working on Castagnoli, culminating with a double dropkick in the corner. Castagnoli used a Giant Swing on Sky, swinging him into a Hero dropkick. Hero chopped away at him. Castagnoli held him up for a delayed suplex but Sky escaped. Hero and Claudio overcame him. Hero went for a roaring elbow but Sky kicked him off. Hero and Castagnoli came back with a double big boot. Claudio nailed a gut wretch suplex. Hero dropped Sky throat-first across the top rope.

    Sky finally came back with a springboard into head scissors on Cabana. He made the hot tag to Lost, who worked over Claudio. Hero was nailed with a superkick by Lost. Lost nailed a top rope elbow for a two count. Lost and Sky nailed a double cutter on Hero. Claudio tagged in and killed Lost with a big right. Lost took a 360 bump. Claudio held both Lost and Sky upside down and Hero dropkicked them. Claudio spun around and dropped them both in an awesome spot. The Kings nailed their finisher and Hero pinned Lost.

    Your winners, The Kings of Wrestling!

    Good competitive match with some really unique spots.

    Alex Kozlov vs. Rocky Romero

    Kozlov attacked Romero before the bell. Romero kicked Kozlov as he charged in the corner. Romero drilled him with a kick to the face. Kozlov went for a leapfrog but Romero took his leg out in mid-air. Kozlov went to the outside and Romero chased him. They crisscrossed in the ring and Kozlov stopped Romero. Romero faked out Kozlov and he ended up on the floor. Romero did a tope suicida to the floor. They battled on the outside and Kozlov suplexed him over the rail into the first row. Kozlov dove off the top rope into the crowd. That was insane. The crowd chanted, "F*** Wrestlemania."

    Kozlov dragged Romero back to the ring and began doing his Russian dancing kicks. Romero caught him in a leglock. Kozlov escaped but was caught in a rolling cross armbreaker. Kozlov muscled out of the move and slammed Romero into the turnbuckles. Romero nailed a DDT for a two count. They exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Romero hit a windmill kick and Kozlov took a spinning bump out of it. They battled on the top turnbuckle. Romero went for the rolling crossarmbreaker, but Kozlov used the momentum to roll through and catch him in a pinfall.

    Your winner, Alex Kozlov!

    The fans gave Romero a huge ovation after the bout.

    Real good match and way better than their bout on the first ROH Internet PPV. They busted their asses big-time here.

    Necro Butcher vs. Bison Smith (with Prince Nana)

    Nana was going off on the fans when Necro hit the ring. He and Smith began brawling outside the ring on the floor. They battled into the crowd. Smith drilled Necro with a chair. They battled up into the bleachers, He tried to throw Butcher over the side of the bleachers. They circled the building fighting. Eventually Smith, left the Arena. The referee ruled Butcher the winner. Butcher took the mic and said that if Smith wanted to come back tomorrow, he'd be waiting.

    Your winner, Necro Butcher!

    Short but intense fun brawl. The crowd didn't like the finish.

    Kevin Steen vs. Kenny Omega

    Fans sang "Ole Ole" at Steen, so Steen threatened to leave. He then said that since the fans wanted him to leave, he would stay. He claimed his doctor requested no "Ole Ole" chants. Omega went to shake hands, so Steen snotted in his hand and offered it back. Steen caught Omega in a hammerlock. They went back and forth with some solid wrestling early. Steen shoulderblocked Omega down but Omega came back with a leg lariat. Steen went to the floor, where Omega nailed him with a dropkick through the ropes. Omega went for a moonsault but Steen grabbed his legs and slammed him to the floor. He whipped Omega into the railing.

    Back in the ring, they exchanged chops. Omega was sent up and over but landed on the apron. Steen was run into the corner. He came back to suplex Omega back in and sent him shoulder first into the ringpost. Steen stalked Omega on the floor. He brought Omega back into the ring and choked him in the corner. Omega began kicking to attempt a comeback but was cut off by Steen. Steen continued to work over Omega's bad shoulder.

    Omega began mounting a comeback with a series of rights and the Polish Hammer. He missed another but took out Steen's knees with a dropkick. He nailed a Rocker Dropper on Steen for a two count. He flipped out of the corner to avoid Steen and nailed a rana. Omega went for a German suplex but Steen was too burly. He went for another rana but was powerbombed down for a two count.

    Steen backdropped Omega over the top. Omega landed on his feet and went for a shoulderblock but Steen kicked him in the head and DDT'd him back into the ring. Steen went for a flip splash in the corner but missed. Omega hit a springboard missile dropkick. Steen went for the package piledriver but Omega nailed him with the Kryptonite Krunch for a two count. Omega went for a powerbomb but couldn't hold him. Steen superkicked him and then picked him up for a Fisherman's buster, dropping Omega across his knee.

    Steen went to the top for a swanton but Omega got his knees up. He dropped Steen on his head several time with full nelson suplexes but only received a two count. Steen kicked him low and hit the package piledriver but Omega kicked out. Steen locked in a Crowbar and Omega tapped.

    Your winner, Kevin Steen!

    Real good match. They started slow but built a really good match and took the crowd on a nice ride.

    Steve Corino vs. El Generico

    Corino controlled much of the bout early with stomps and kicks. Generico was tossed hard to the floor. Corino kicked Generico hard in the face when he teased a Facewash. He locked in an abdominal stretch and Generico finally broke free. Corino cut him off but Generico came back with a Michinoku Driver. Generico charged Corino but was kicked in the face. Corino signaled for a lariat and drillCed a pair for a two count. Corino began slapping Generico, who fired back. Generico caught him with a German suplex and a running boot in the corner for a two count.

    Generico went to the top but Corino cut him off. Generico fought him off and Corino was tied to the tree of woe. Generico hit the Van Terminator for a two count but Kevin Steen pulled the ref out. No DQ? Generico went for a brainbuster but Corino avoided it, covered Generico and put his feet on the ropes for the pin.

    Your winner, Steve Corino!

    Generico went right after Corino but the referee got in the middle of it. Generico shoved down the referee. Cabana hit the ring. Cabana took the mic and said that he was tired of all the mind games and promised that at the Big Bang PPV, they were going to kick Corino and Steen's asses.

    Solid match but the ref not calling for a DQ looked weak. They did a nice job of setting up the tag for the PPV though.

    Jim Cornette came out to the ring. Cornette said he's been talking to a lot of fans tonight and he realizes there are a lot of fans from outside the United States and asked how many were at their first ROH show. He asked the crowd if they were enjoying themselves. The crowd popped for each question and chanted ROH. Cornette said ROH is rocking the building. He said that he appreciates everyone's support. He explained that next week, the Big Bang PPV will air online at GoFightLive.tv. He explained that the main event will be a triple threat with ROH champ Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries. He then noted that Strong has a personal issue with Black as well, and believes he can beat both Aries and Black in back to back singles matches. Black said he can do the same and his matches will be tonight, while Strong's matches will be tomorrow. He thanked everyone for their support of the company.

    Austin Aries (with Tammy Sytch) vs. ROH champion Tyler Black (non title)

    Aries took the mic and said he had Tammy with him because after sitting all night at the show, there wasn't one man in the building except for him. He told Sytch to take a seat at ringside and to relax. He turned his attention to Black and said he was going to take it easy on Black so Black had something left in the tank since he and Strong have their issues. Aries asked who was from outside of the United States and then complained that the national security was poor and he hoped all the fans get deported.

    They shook hands and Aries clotheslined Black. Aries was flipped up and over onto the apron and hit with a Pele Kick. He fell to the floor, where Black nailed a tope con hilo over the top. They battled on the floor. Black slingshot himself back in the ring with a spinning kick. Aries worked over Black with a series of chops. Black came back with a kick to the back. Black stomped Aries and covered him for a two count.

    Black went for a springboard but was shoved backwards to the floor. Aries hit his heat seeking missile dive to the floor. Aries went to the top to tease a dive but dropped back into the ring. Aries nailed a axehandle off the apron onto Black. He tossed Black into the ring and nailed a rolling snapmare. Black fired back with several punches in the corner but Aries used a STO. They went back and forth. Black missed a Phoenix Splash. Black finally caught him with a rolling cradle and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Tyler Black!

    Aries laid out Black after. Roderick Strong came out. Aries continued stomping on Black. Strong unloaded with chops and ran Aries off.

    Roderick Strong vs. ROH champ Tyler Black (non title)

    Strong continued the assault Aries began on Black. He unloaded with chops in the corner. Black fought back but Strong shot him down. The fans began dueling chants. They fought back and forth. Black ducked a Strong leg lariat. Black nailed a springboard clothesline. He ran Strong into the turnbuckles shoulder first several times. Strong began focusing on Black's shoulder. Black powerslammed Strong for a two count. Black placed Strong on the top rope for a back suplex. Strong used a series of elbows. Strong cinched in a Boston Crab.

    Black broke free. Strong went for the Gibson Driver but Black avoided it and turned it into a Emerald Frosion. Black clotheslined Strong, who came back with one of his own. Strong nailed a gutbuster. Black came back with a running powerbomb in the corner. He covered Strong and the referee counted three but Strong had his leg in the rope. The match was restarted. Strong nailed a leg lariat and the Gibson Driver for the pin.

    Your winner, Roderick Strong!

    Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King - Anything Goes

    King went to nail Lynn with a chair while Lynn was outside but Lynn grabbed him by the legs and pulled him out. They battled around ringside. Lynn wedged a chair in the corner between turnbuckles. King returned to the ring but was tossed back out. King pulled a ladder out and Lynn hit a sliding kick into it. Lynn smashed it into him. Lynn beeled King over the ropes onto the ladder. He went for a legdrop on the ladder but King Moved. Lynn rolled up King but he kicked out, sending Lynn into the chair.

    King brought a table into the corner of the ring. He smashed Lynn into the ladder, which was propped up in the other corner and rolled him up for a two count. Lynn came back with a bulldog on the ladder for a two count. Lynn went for a tornado DDT but King turned it into a suplex onto the ladder. He used his boot to choke Lynn, who was now busted open. King put Lynn's head inside one of the rung of the ladder and ran it into the corner.

    King went to the outside and bridged another table between the ring and the railing. Lynn began to recover but King attacked him. King brought Lynn to the outside and went to do a death valley driver onto the table but Lynn escaped and shoved King off. King went to the top but Lynn cut him off and hit a top rope frankensteiner. Lynn nailed a F-5, then placed a chair in the ring. He picked up King, who grabbed Lynn and DDT'd him on the chair. King hit his running kick on Lynn, sending him backwards into the table propped in the corner for a two count.

    King continued to work over Lynn in the corner with headbutts and punches. He tackled Lynn and placed him on the top rope. Lynn went for a sunset flip into a powerbomb. Lynn set up for the cradle piledriver on a piece of table and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

    ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes vs. American Wolves (with Shane Hagadorn)

    They did some nice back and forth mat wrestling between Mark Briscoe and Davey Richards early. They went into a series of sequences and faced off. Edwards tagged in but Mark shoulderblocked him down, then caught him in a hiptoss and armbar. Mark suplexed Edwards over. Jay tagged in and nailed Edwards with a hard clothesline in the corner. The Briscoes continued to control the bout, keeping Edwards off balance with double team maneuvers.

    Richards tagged in, took out Mark and knocked Jay off the apron. He kicked Jay in the chest, then nailed him with an enziguiri. Jay came back with a sidewalk slam. Mark tagged in and chopped away at Richards. The Briscoes double shoulder tackled Richards to the mat. Richards was able to dump Briscoe over the ropes near his corner. Briscoe tried to battle both Wolves but Davey took his legs out from under him. Richards took control, focusing his attacks on Jay's legs.

    The Wolves continued to work over Jay. Jay finally made the hot tag to Mark, who chopped away at everything in sight. Mark nailed a fisherman's buster on Richards for a two count. then a back suplex for another. Edwards hit the ring and kicked Jay off the apron. The Wolves doubled on Mark. Jay tripped Richards while Mark tossed Edwards to the floor. All four battled on the floor, Richards back suplexed Jay into the front row. Mark dove off the ropes onto the Wolves.

    Back in the ring, Mark and Edwards began slapping and striking each other. Edwards gtot the better of the exchange. He tagged in Richards, who tagged Mark in the chest with a kick. Richards cinched in a Sharpshooter. Jay Briscoe attacked Richards to try and break it up. Edwards attacked Jay, who nailed him with a superkick. Mark escaped and made the hot tag to Jay. Jay clotheslined everything in sight, then nailed a leg lariat on Edwards. He sent Richards flying into Edwards, hit a stunner and a Yakuza Kick for a two count.

    Jay ducked a kick and rolled up Richards for a two count. He nailed a death valley driver for another two count. Edwards tagged in and controlled the match. He went for a back suplex on Jay, who landed on his feet. Edwards paintbrushed him with strikes and tagged in Richards. Richards hit a running kick to the face and a back suplex for a two count. They battled on the top rope with Richards mauling Briscoe into submission. He nailed a superplex.

    Mark hit the ring and they went back and forth. Richards went for a running clothesline but was caught with an exploder for a two count. Edwards and Mark went back and forth. They hit each other with stereo Yakuza kicks before Mark finally drilled him with a clothesline. Richards and Jay killed each other with kicks. The Briscoes nailed a double superkick. Mark hit a top rope elbow on Richards. They tossed him to the floor and went for the Doomsday Device. Edwards superkicked Jay into a Richards back suplex for a two count. The crowd thought that was the finish.

    Jay went for the Jay-Driller but Richards came off the top and took him out. Richards wiped out Mark with an insane dive through the ropes. Edwards hits a top rope leaping frankensteiner. They lock a sharpshooter on Jay, who gets to the ropes. They go for the Doomsday Device but Mark takes out Richards with a cutter and Jay does a backwards frankensteiner on Edwards. The Briscoes nailed the Doomsday Device for the win.

    Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Briscoes!

  • Here are the results from last night's Dragon Gate USA event, Open the Ultimate Gate, from Phoenix. Report courtesy JP Nichols and PWInsider:

    Brad Allen wins The Fray.

    This match starts off with two wrestlers and a new wrestler enters every two minutes until all wrestlers have entered the match. Wrestlers are eliminated by pinfall, submission, or disqualification.

    The participants in the match are: The Prophet, Brad Allen, The Cutler Brothers (Dustin and Brandon Cutler), Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist), Malachi Jackson and Chimera.

    The first two participants are The Prophet and Chimera.

    The third man in the Fray is Dustin Cutler.

    The fourth participant is Brandon Cutler.

    The Cutlers eliminate Chimera.

    The Cutlers eliminate The Prophet with a wheelbarrow codebreaker.

    The fifth man in the Fray is Brad Allen.

    The sixth man in the Fray is Dave Crist.

    The seventh man in the Fray is Malachi Jackson.

    Brad Allen eliminates Dustin Cutler.

    The final man in the Fray is Jake Crist.

    Irish Airborne eliminates Brandon Cutler.

    Irish Airborne eliminates Malachi Jackson.

    Brad Allen eliminates Jake Crist.

    Brad Allen eliminates Dave Crist with Attitude Adjustment (a fallaway slam followed by a flatliner)

    This match was described as 'iffy'. A lot of the guys were green and the match was not as good as the fray that took place at the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup that is on the "Open the Freedom Gate" DVD.

    They did the stuff with Bob Saget and he is the special ring announcer for the match between Yamato and Luke Hawx.

    Jon Moxley comes out and says that he wanted to be in the match. BxB Hulk comes out and attacks Moxley and they fight to the back.

    Match Number One: Yamato versus Luke Hawx with Special Ring Announcer Bob Saget

    Yamato defeats Luke Hawx with a brainbuster.

    This match was filmed for the A&E series that Bob Saget is involved with.

    Match Number Two: Susumu Yokosuka and Genki Horiguchi versus Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw

    Yokosuka and Horiguchi defeat Quackenbush and Jigsaw when Yokosuka pinned Quackenbush with a Tiger Driver 98 set up into a DDT.

    Match Number Three: Yamato versus TJP

    Yamato defeats TJP with a sleeper.

    Match Number Four: Paul London and Jimmy Jacobs versus Jon Moxley and Brian Kendrick

    Brian Kendrick and Jon Moxley defeat Paul London and Jimmy Jacobs when they get a rollup on Jacobs. Moxley attacks Jacobs after the match. London took a really nasty spill right before the finish and it shows on his back. Moxley and Jacobs brawl and Jacobs sets Moxley up on the table outside for London to put Jon through. London and Kendrick are now in the ring talking. Kendrick is on the mic telling him that it's not worth the cheers to do this. He tells Paul that it isn't worth it. Teddy Hart comes out and says that London has lost his balls. Hart does a moonsault and puts Moxley through the table.

    London tells Teddy to do another moonsault and Teddy backflips into the ring. London and Kendrick attack Hart.

    Teddy is now attempting to get back in the ring and is asking where is Jack. London and Kendrick come out and are attacking him but Teddy makes a comeback and eventually dives from the ring onto them. Teddy left and London and Kendrick also leave.

    Hart appeared to have hit his head hard on the ground when he made the dive to the floor.

    Match Number Five: Masato Yoshino versus Shingo

    Yoshino defeats Shingo with the Sol Naciente in what was described as a great match.

    After the match, Jon Moxley comes out to help Shingo.

    It is now intermission.

    Match Number Six: LA PARK and Hijo De Rey Mysterio versus Derrick Neikirk and G.Q. Gallo

    LA PARK and Hijo De Rey Mysterio defeat Niekirk and Gallo by disqualification after Gallo hit LA PARK with a low blow.

    This match went over twenty minutes and has had the most crowd heat so far.

    Match Number Seven: BxB Hulk versus Naruki Doi for the Open the Freedom Gate Title

    BxB Hulk defeated Doi with the E.V.O.P. to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title.

    BxB Hulk had one dancing girl with him tonight.

    Before the main event, Jack Evans gets on the mic and says that Teddy Hart is supposedly on his way to the hospital with a broken clavicle. Evans wants London and Kendrick in some form tomorrow night.

    Match Number Eight: CIMA, Gamma, and Dragon Kid versus Jack Evans and the Young Bucks in a Dragon Gate Style Six Man Tag Match

    CIMA, Gamma, and Dragon Kid defeat Jack Evans and the Young Bucks when Cima pinned Matt Jackson with Meteora.

    After the match, CIMA thanks everyone for coming to the show and apologizes because 'his English is s***'. He promoted the Warriors/World-1 Six Man Tag Match (CIMA, Gamma, and Dragon Kid versus Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, and BxB Hulk) tomorrow night. He promised a great show tomorrow and said that maybe his English will be better tomorrow night.

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