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Yay! We have a show! We're getting a recap of Tyler Black winning the title and the resulting 3-way feud to set up tonight's main event. Is it me or does Tyler Black sound like Louie Anderson? This video package has gone on for 11 minutes.

Back to the GFL logo.Smell that? Smells like bushes to me. Must be a league around here somewhere.

21 minutes late, we are LIVE from Charlotte, North Cackalacki!! Dave "Kevin Thorn" Prazak and HERMIE are your hosts!

Zack Salvation vs. Phil Shatter

That's Matt Hardy's boy Phil Shatter by the way. The difference with Kevin Kelly on commentary is immediately evident. Fire Hogewood. Salvation gets an armbar takedown but Shatter locks in a headscissors. Salvation escapes and gets a headlock. Thesz press by Salvation and some mounted punches, then back to the headlock. NICE dropkick from Salvation gets 2. Shatter whips Salvation in and tries a side slam but Salvation tilt-a-whirls through it and hits an inverted DDT. Sweet backbreaker by Shatter gets 2. Slingshot suplex follows up and gets two more. Scoop and a slam by Shatter and a fist drop gets 2 more. Salvation knees his way free of a vertical suplex but gets leveled with a knee by Shatter for 2 more. Shoulders in the corner now, a whip and Shatter charges right into a high knee but comes back with a Fisherman's suplex for 2. Powerbomb by Shatter gets 2 more. Too many covers. Shatter is BUILT by the way. Kevin Kelly sounds like he's done his ROH research. Salvation avoids a charging Shatter, hits some knee lifts but has a whip reversed. Shatter charges in again...but gets caught in a triangle choke!! Gorgeous! Shatter fights, reaches for the ropes, fights some more...STANDS UP and tries to break the hold with a powerbomb...countered! Guillotine choke by Salvation! Shatter turns it into a modified powerslam! 1...2...3!

Winner: Phil Shatter via pinfall (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Pick Six Match - Kenny King vs. Davey Richards

This should be good. Top wristlock by King. Richards bridges out and then kicks King in the face. That'll break a hold in a hurry. Davey with some kicks to the chest and a back heel kick to send King scrambling to the floor. Davey follows and whips King to the barricade, then hits a yakuza kick to the face. Back inside and Richards locks in a hammerlock cloverleaf combo. King escapes but eats a snap suplex. He blocks a German try and gets the go-behind, Davey elbows free but gets distracted by Rhett Titus long enough for King to snap his neck over the top rope. Forearms by King, he misses a clothesline and gets tattooed with chops. Whip to the corner, Davey takes time to pose and King comes flying out of the corner with double knees to the chest for 2! That was awesome. Suplex by King, slingshot legdrop and a cover for 2. Chinlock applied now by King. Crowd are hot tonight. Davey breaks the hold but comes off the ropes into a clothesline for 2. Kenny perches Davey up top and goes up with him for a suplex, Davey cuts him off and throws him down. Davey off the top..flying headbutt! They exchange some stiff shots until Davey hits the Alarm Clock and the handspring enziguiri! 1...2...2.69! A pair of kicks from Davey, missile dropkick! 1...2...2.78! Davey tries a German, King uses the ref to distract Davey and hits a SICK spinebuster for 2. King charges with a double knee...Davey moves and sends King flying into the corner! Davey hits a dragon whip on the knee of King in the corner and goes up top...King cuts him off but Davey slides down, runs up the ropes and hits a super release German for 2!!! Lariat gets 2 more! High German bridge!! 1...2...NO! Davey locks in the cloverleaf but King makes the ropes. Titus tries to distract Davey again but eats a boot for his troubles. Davey sends King to the outside and gets ready to FLY...KING catches him with a kick through the ropes! Springboard blockbuster! 1...2...2.83! King tries the Coronation...countered! Ankle Lock! They work a series of rollup reversals for 2 then start slugging it out in the middle of the ring. King catches a kick then hits a spin kick of his own. Coronation! Davey lands on his feet! KICK TO THE HEAD! Ankle lock! King rolls to his back and tries to kick his way free but Davey transitions to a cloverleaf! King taps!!

Winner: Davey Richards via submission (Cloverleaf)

Kenny King refuses to shake after the match despite cheers from the crowd. Davey is interviewed after the match and puts over ROH before saying how awesome he is and how he's going to beat Austin Aries or whoever he has to.

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!!! Complete with Marilyn Manson entrance theme! Ohhhh somebody in Orlando is NOT going to be happy. Dear TNA...this is how you do a surprise. Daniels has a problem with what Davey just said. He tells the people he wants to be the best in the world, but for 17 years he fought to keep the name Fallen Angel synonymous with Best in the World. And after being held back he has returned to RoH to prove he is exactly that. Is he gone from TNA then? He challenges Davey to a fight, and he doesn't care where or when. The crowd wants the match now. Daniels leaves and I'm in shock.

Butcher Rules: Erick Stevens (w/ Mr. Ernesto Osiris and Prince Nana) vs. Necro Butcher

Stevens blitzes Necro as he enters the ring. He chokes Necro with his jacket and lays in some stiff shots in the corner. Necro runs through a clothesline and nails a right hand before throwing Stevens to the floor. Cannonball off the apron! Necro buts a plastic bag over Stevens' head but Stevens tears it away. Chops and shots from Necro, who now has the ring bell. Stevens fights back and clotheslines Necro over the barricade, but he comes back with fists and chops. Necro now kicks Stevens over the barricade. Necro calls for the Section B sign, smacks Osiris in the head with it then nails Stevens with the base. "Section B" chant from the crowd. Necro sets up a plastic table and tries a DVD through it but Osiris wont't let him. Necro grabs Osiris but Stevens nails a low blow and then slams Necro off the apron to the floor. Stevens slams Necro's back into the ring post, then the barricade. The audio and video quality on this event are far better than on Final Battle. Stevens rolls Necro inside and beats him down. Nana gets in the ring to hold Necro in place for the choo choo and predictably, Necro moves and Stevens nails Nana. O'Connor roll by Necro! 1...2...3?

Winner: Necro Butcher via pinfall (O'Connor Roll)

The Embassy beats down Necro after the match, until he gets his hands on a steel chair.

Rhett Titus vs. Cassandro el Exotico

Titus plays his gimmick perfectly. Cassandro looks like Fabulous Moolah and enters to I Will Survive. I can't make this stuff up folks. He also dresses like Moolah and wears Adrian Street's eye makeup.

Go behind from Cassandro, which I reckon he's done before. Titus poses and Cassandro strokes his chest. Golddust eat your heart out. Titus gets control of an arm but gets caught with a rana. Cassandro does some flippy stoff and hits a flippy arm drag off the top. Titus goes to the floor, Cassandro follows but Titus hits a gorgeous head scissors off the apron. Kick to the head of Cassandro on the apron. Back inside and Titus hits a BIG hair beal for 2. Knee drop gets 2 more. Cassandro wheelbarrows himself but gets caught, humped and planted by Titus. No, seriously. Chinlock applied by Titus. Crowd is much louder for this one. Cassandro escapes and gets a snap mare and a seated Thesz press for 2. Beautiful dropkick by Titus to counter. 2 count only. Corner splash by Titus, Cassandro blocks a whip by sticking his ass out which causes Titus to step off. Snap suplex by Cassandro gets 2. Rana by Cassandro sends Titus to the floor. Cassandro FLIES with a tope con hilo! Back inside and Cassandro hits a missile dropkick, the counters a Tiger suplex with a rolling prawn hold! 1...2...3!

Winner: Cassandro el Exotico via pinfall (rolling prawn hold)

Seems like Cassandro hurt his knee during the match, possibly on the dive to the floor.

Steve Corino and Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana and El Generico

Anyone know the name of the track Corino uses as an entrance theme? Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff, Colt's gonna wreck some stuff! Generico looks pissed, even through his mask.

Steen and Colt start inside. Colt hits a headscissors on Steen and clotheslines him to the floor, then catches Corino charging in with a shoulder. Corino hits a roaring lariat but gets taken down with a series of deep armdrags before hitting a BIG tope con hilo to the floor onto Corino. Cabana holds Steen in place for Generico but Corino trips him and pulls him to the floor. Corino and Steen beat down Cabana, they whip him in but he slides to the floor and Generico is in with a low dropkick to the knee of Corino. SUPERKICK from Steen to Generico! Colt gets a brief flurry on the heels but gets beaten down. Steen rams him into the boot of Corino, who then tags in. Small Steve Corino chant. He whips Cabana and charges into a clothesline but Corino grabs Cabana's leg to prevent the tag. Steen tags in and gets a neckbreaker across the knee for 2. Aplogies if I've missed some moves in this match, the stream is getting jumpy. Chinlock now by Steen. Cabana keeps trying to get free for a tag but Steen cuts him off each time. Hammerlock STO by Corino, apparently called the Kobe Shot, gets 2. Steen tags back in and again prevents the tag before nailing a cannonball in the corner. Kevin Kelly > Michael Cole. That is all. Corino slaps away at the face of Cabana, who slaps him back abd gets the tag! Dropkick for Corino by Generico! He drops his head and eats a boot but Generico comes back with the tornado DDT! He wants Steen, who drops to the floor...Cabana rolls him back in! Corino blindsides Generico and we still don't have the showdown. They throw Generico to the floor and into the guardrail...POWERBOMB to the apron by Steen! CABANA takes them both out with a dive! Back inside, FLYING ASSHOLE to Corino! Billy Goat's Curse locked in...Steen has a chair! WHAM! DQ!!!

Winners: Colt Cabana and El Generico via DQ (chair shot)

Steen DDTs Cabana to the chair, then they beat him down. Generico is still down on the outside but has crawled into the ring. Steen LICKS the blood off Cabana's head. Generico tees off on Corino and sends him to the floor! Steen and Generico face off...Steen slaps him! YAKUZA by Generico! He snaps! He beats the ever-loving hell out of Steen!!! The locker room empties to break it up but Generico DIVES onto Steen outside! Back inside...Half-nelson suplex! Yakuza! Sets for the BRAINBUSTAAA...Corino makes the save. Generico beats up some students, hits the Yakuza on Grizzly....sets him on top...BRAINBUSTAAAAAA! BRAINBUSTAAAA! BRAAAAAAAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Hermie tells us it's intermission time. During intermission he interviews Cornette, Bobby Eaton and Tommy Young. Dennis Condrey is allegedly stuck in Florida on business. that must be code for Eaton's digestive system because I believe he ate Condrey. They put over ROH and the tag title match and announce that Tommy Young will be the outside ref for the main event. They also announce Daniels will appear in Manassas and New York in May. Bauer just lost his mind.

ROH World Tag Team Championship - Kings of Wrestling vs. The Briscoes

Hero's back is still bad, he said he's at about 80-85%. Hero and Mark to start.

Hero rolls into a front facelock, Mark turns into a headlock, Hero gets a headscissors and they break. Back to the facelock by Hero, countered by Mark into one of his own. Hero hits an elbow and tags in Claudio, who lays in some forearms to Mark. Mark comes back with a clothesline and tags in Jay, they go for the barking double tackle but Claudio bails. Hero comes in and eats a double flapjack. The try the double beal but Claudio drags his partner outside to safety. Claudio takes down Jay but he comes back with a flurry. Double high beal to Claudio, Hero comes in but eats the barking double tackle for 2. Suplex by Mark on hero gets 2 more. Tag to Jay who hits a corner clothesline and a boot to the seated Hero for 2. Back suplex by Jay and a slingshot legdrop by Mark gets 2 more. Holy f--k Cassandro broke his leg on that dive and kept wrestling. Chops in the corner by Jay and a back elbow gets 2. Hero goes to the eyes and gets the tag to Claudio, who gets a back body drop from Jay. Suplex and floatover gets one for Jay. Claudio gets a European uppercut and scoop slam to regain control, then drops a couple of elbows. Jay gets back on top with a rollup but Hero had tagged in and comes in with a boot to the face for 2. Hero slams Jay and hits a standing back splash for 2. Tag to Claudio who gets a suplex of his own for 2. Armbar appliedby Claudio, Jay fights free but runs into a kneelift. Tag to Hero who hits a basement dropkick for 2. Another tag and Claudio comes off the top with an axehandle. Jay elbows out of a suplex and then hits the flatliner into the turnbuckle! Tag to Mark! He comes in with a spinkick for Claudio and a clothesline for Hero that sends him to the floor! Jay Briscoe FLIES over the top onto Hero with a tope con hilo! Mark up top...CROSSBODY!! Mark wants to fly but Claudio catches him! Hero NAILS Mark with the forearm while he's elevated!! Hero hits a suplex for 2 more. Roaring Elbow! Claudio in now, he connects with a gutwrench suplex and then locks in a chinlock. Hero back in, he hits some Muay Thai knees to the face of Mark, tags in Claudio and they hit a double pump kick for 2. Hero in again now with some loud chops. He whips Mark in who runs up the turnbuckles and hits a flying forearm! Hero cuts off the tag, then Claudio yanks Jay off the apron to further prevent it. Flying forearm in the corner by Hero, Sweet Schwinn Music by Claudio! 1...2...Jay makes the save. Hero in again,STIFF chop gets 2. Mark rolls through a backdrop and GETS A TAG! Clotheslines galore for Hero! SWANK dropkick gets 2. Hero elbows out of the flatliner into the turnbuckle but gets hit with a blockbuster for 2. Hero counters a DVD by going to the eyes, then tags Claudio! A pair of stiff boots to Jay! 1...2...NO! Riiiiicolaaaa! Jay gets out, but is whipped...pop-up European! 1...2....2.77! Claudio misses Sweet Schwinn Music and eats a spinebuster. Tag to Mark...missile dropkick! Forearms to Claudio, northern lights! Exploder! 2 count only. Claudio counters a whip by springing off the ropes with a GORGEOUS flying European, and tags Hero. ROARING ELBOW! Another big forearm! 1...2...2.73! Series of elbows by Hero, Mark counters one and perches Hero up top...Iconoclasm! hero comes back with a flash kick and...LIGERBOMB!!! Giant Swing now by Claudio! Hero sets for the kick but Jay drags him to the floor! Demolition Decapitation!! Splash mountain neckbreaker gets 2 more on Hero. Claudio backdrops Jay to the floor, clotheslines Mark and then tags himself in. Hands-free airplane spin! He goes for the Big Swing...Hero connects with the kick! 1...2...2.84! They set for KRS-1...Jay breaks it up! Claudio and Mark roll to the floor, Hero kicks Jay hard on the top rope, Claudio is in...GUTWRENCH off the top to Jay by Claudio! Springboard Ace Crusher to Hero by Mark! Claudio gets a cover for 2. Ricola bomb broken up, Jay Driller also blocked. DVD by Jay! 1...2...Hero breaks it up. Hero fights off both Briscoes but eats a superkick from Jay. Doomesday Device time? Mark up top...CLAUDIO CATCHES HIM! POWERSLAM!!! 1...2...Jay breaks it up! Hero and Jay brawl on the outside, Hero pokes Jay in the eye and gets in the ring...KRS-1!!!!! 1...2...JAY breaks it up at the last split second! Jay tags in...JAY DRILLER to Claudio! 1...2...Hero! Briscoes try the Doomsday again, Hero distracts the ref while Hagadorn rocks the ropes and crotches Mark! Hero has the loaded pad! WHAM! He nails Jay! Claudio covers! 1...2...3!

Winners, and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: Kings of Wrestling via pinfall (Claudio on Jay, Hero's loaded elbow)

Oh lovely, we get to see Jay puking his guts up while Hero and Claudio strap the belts on each other.

ROH World Title Match: Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Black (C)

Aries appears to have skinned Elmo and made a coat. See?

Champion out last, love it. Aries is going to cut a promo before the match. He says Black has no respect for Strong and says he will leave the ring while they settle their issues. Cornette is on commentary, awesome.

Black and Strong to start. Strong grabs a headlock, they work some counters and Strong ends up with a facelock. Some more counters and Strong has a headscissors. Aries is outside the ring just chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. Body scissors by Strong now, Black rolls out of it and they stand up. Aries with a cheap shot from outside
which lets Strong take control. Aries pulls Black off the apron. Strong pulls Aries in the ring and Black hits a springboard missile dropkick to Aries! Black takes it to Strong with forearms but Strong comes back with his trademark chops. Dropkick by Black, Aries chooses that point to come running into the ring and plants a kicks into the chest of Black. Aries' tights are sponsored by Cherry Blasters. The three men work a series of roll-throughs that leave Aries and Strong on the floor and Black in the ring...he FLIES out over the rope onto both men! He whips Aries into the barricade then QUEBRADA OFF THE BARRICADE to Aries! Black takes Strong to the Barricade, then rolls Aries into the ring. Scoop slam by Black and a stomp to the face gets 1. Short-arm elbows by Black get 2 more. Snap suplex by Black gets 2 more. Strong tries to get back in but Black kicks him back to the floor. Strong comes back in with a double sunset flip but Aries rolls through and hits the dropkick to Black! Aries and Strong go at it, Strong with some chops on the floor and a suplex on the outside! Back Suplex on the Edge of the apron!!! DAMN! Strong and Black slug it out, Strong whips Black to the barricade then drops him gut-first over the barricade. Fallaway slam to Aries on the inside. Strong ties him up in a seated abdominal stretch, Aries rolls into a nice cover for 2. They exchange chops, Strong kicks Black off the apron then hits a shoulder backbreaker to Aries for 2. Chinlock by Strong now. Strong comes in to break the hold, Aries catches him with a double leg and locks in a Boston crab! Strong makes the rope. Strong now applies the crab to Aries! Black is in, he applies a sleeper to Strong! We have a double submission! Strong breaks the hold on Aries to free himself from the sleeper. Aries whips Strong to the corner and hits a shoulder charge but Strong comes back with chops. Aries is whiiped to the corner, he goes up and over and onto Black on the floor! Strong and Black are on the apron...Strong hits the back suplex on the apron!!! Aries has Strong now! DVD ON THE APRON!!!! Aries is alone in the ring, here comes the heat-seeking missile....Black and Strong MOVED!!! Aries went HARD into the barricade! Black and Strong are in the ring, slugging it out righ in the middle. Enziguiri by Strong wins the exchange. Forearms in the corner by Strong, he charges into a boot but nails a snap powerslam for two. Strong tries to lock in the Stronghold, Black fights it off. Gibson Driver attempted by Tyler blocks and runs Strong back to the corner. Aries is back in...briefly. Black throws him out and hits the F5 on Strong!! Strong gets placed up top, Black up with him but Aries pulls Black off and tries a superplex. Black is back and tries to powerbomb Aries! Aries with a rana! He runs back to Strong and NAILS a kick to the face of Strong on the top rope! Black nails Aries, then Strong gets the uranage backbreaker on Black!! Strong now beating on both men with chops and clotheslines, a dropkick for Black and the Full Throttle for Aries! Gordbuster to Black gets 2 more. Black fights off another Gibson Driver but eats a backbreaker for 2. Another one for Aries gets 2. ANOTHER Gibson Driver try to Black, but Strong gives up on it to kick Aries on the top rope! He goes up with Aries bu Black cuts him off...BUCKLE BOMB to Strong! Phoenix Splash...MISSES! Black rolls through but gets nailed with a DDT by Aries! LARIAT! 1...2...NO! Aries up top...450 KNEES! Gutbuster by Strong! Sick Kick! 1...2...2.89! Stronghold locked in on Aries! Black breaks it up and tries Paroxysm, Strong out the back with chops...Torture Rack! Drops him on the knees! Sick KICK! 1...2...NO! Gibson Driver connects! ARIES with the kick to the head on Strong! BRAINBUSTER! 1...2...2.91!!! Last Chancery locked in! Strong resists! Aries turns into the knee strikes!! Black catches him mid strike...BUCKLE BOMB! Another one for Strong! Superkick! Strong wants another one, Black obliges! Superkick! 1...2...2.96!!!!!!! Aries takes Black to the floor...kick to the head of Strong! Brainbuster! HOLDS ON! BRAINBUSTER! 1...2...3!

Austin Aries eliminates Roderick Strong via pinfall (2 brainbusters)

Aries hits the heat-seeking missile to Black, then goes back inside and hits a neckbreaker. Missile dropkick by Aries. Shinbraker/back suplex combo by Aries. Aries up top but Black catches him with a kick and goes up with him...SUPERPLEX and a roll through! GOD'S LAST GIFT! 1...2...2.98! Black says it's over...buckle bomb! Superkick! Another superkick! 1...2...foot on the ropes! Kenny King is out, he distracts Black! Rollup!! Black kicks Aries off and into King! SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Another superkick! GOD'S! LAST! GIFT! 1...2...3!

Winner: Tyler Black via pinfall (on Aries, God's Last Gift)

King and Aries lay in to Black, but Strong is back for the save! Black calls for the handshake, but Strong flips him off and leaves. End show.

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