There was a "s--tty, s--tty, s--tty" segment with the rookies getting 30 seconds to comment on a specified subject. This is Wrestlecrap at it's worst. Heath Slater was told to talk about cereal. Skip Sheffield was given rainbows. All are getting buried. This is not the way to launch the superstars of the future.

1. Christian beat Wade Barrett. Heath Slater's interference helped Christian win the match.

2. William Regal squashes Daniel Bryan. No one knows who Bryan is. Miz jumped in to lay the smack down on the beaten Bryan. Why has the former ROH champ fallen so low?

3. Darren Young beat Luke Gallows to save his mop top. No surprise there. Punk held his hand up in victory to potentially hint at the fall of his stable in the future.

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