Here's a report from TNA's Fan Interaction event last night as part of Lockdown weekend. Report courtesy of Patrick R. and PWInsider:

I was attending the TNA Lockdown Fan Action Last Night and got the "main event" package, so here is what happened.

We started off the show with our hosts being introduced, Jeremy Borash and So Cal Val. The wrestlers showed up a bit late, but they countered that when they stayed for extra time at the end. First off, Jeremy and Val joked with each other a bit. They introduced the right side of the wall first which were the wrestlers that weren't the top dogs. Then they introduced on the left side of the wall, with Abyss, who got a decent cheer. Then Eric Bischoff was introduced as all of the fans joked and yelled at him "Bischoff for President!" Then Jeff Jarrett, to which the crowd started chanting, "Thank you Jeff!" repeatedly. Then Team 3D, who got a bit of a reception themselves, then RVD. The crowd went absolutely insane, and RVD's line was the longest in the first session. Next came AJ Styles, who surprisingly did not get as big of a reception as RVD and JJ did. Everyone there was nice and they were able to sign an 8x10 and two other items. They also had a green screen available where you could hold the X-Division championship and have referee Slick Johnson hold your hand in the air while you stand in a TNA ring. Towards the end of the first session, Dixie Carter showed up and she was very nice and signed autographs of her page of the program.

The second session started a bit late, due to the first session staying extra. First they introduced the right side which contained The Beautiful People, Angelina Love, Orlando Jordan, Kaz, and more. Then the left side, which was once again the big dogs. First came out the Pope to a good reception, and then Mr. Anderson, then Beer Money Inc. Then the Motor City Machine Guns. Then came Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who got the biggest reception from the second session and also the longest line. Then at the end was Kurt Angle, who got a good reception. They were all nice and just like the first session, signed the same amount of autographs.

There was a hour break and then for the main event people, we got to see Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Jimmy Hart, Dory Funk Jr. and some legendary referees. Some notable notes were that Bobby Heenan didn't look that good at all. He could barely speak as well. Maybe it was the surgery because his jaw seemed a bit messed up. They were all nice and shook our hands and signed some autographs. There was a special award presentation for the legends and when Bobby got his award he got the biggest reception.

Next came Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Ric Flair. First we had Jeremy Borash saying "From Venice Beach California, The Icon Sting!" as Sting came out from one of the doors with his in-ring music playing as he got a big reception. Then came the Nature Boy who also came out with his in-ring music with a huge collective reception of "WOOOO'S" from the crowd. Then there was a bit of a dramatic pause and when Jeremy Introduced Hulk Hogan the crowd just went insane. Ric Flair was nice and signed your item to whatever you wanted. Sting, who had the shortest line out of the three, was kind of boring and didn't say a word.

Then came Hulk Hogan, who had possibly the longest line in fan action history. We moved 5 inches every 10 minutes. Towards the end of the session some workers at the casino, not TNA workers, said they had to wrap it up and only sign two autographs per person. Hogan responded to this by saying something like, "What do you mean hurry it up? I'll sign whatever I want. These people paid to see us. And I'll stay here till morning if I have to." Hogan got a huge applause for this. Overall fan action was worth it and I couldn't do without it, like Don West said. If you were there and you weren't a part of it, you WILL regret it for the rest of your life.

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