Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in full at JRSBARBQ.com Some highlights:

On JBL: Spoke with JBL this week about his wife and him attending the prestigious White House Correspondent's Dinner hosted by President Obama. I wonder if an ex-wrestler has ever been afforded this distinguished opportunity? John is doing great, working hard, playing golf, hitting the gym regularly and says he hasn't felt better physically in years. His back issues seem to have subsided since he left the ring and, no, he's not contemplating a come back or a return to the biz on any level as I ascertain it. We will be getting together soon in NYC when we are there on business.

On The Rock at Summerslam: Got a great email last Friday from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson commenting on the ending of my talent contract with WWE. Hearing from the 'Great One' with his positive attitude and honesty always brightens one's day. An emailer says he 'knows' Rock is returning to WWE at Summerslam which I find laughable. I still can see Rock Guest Hosting Raw when it works for him but the Summerslam rumor seems farfetched.

On similarities between Raven and Brian Pillman: Yes..Raven and Brian Pillman had the high IQ thing in common but were also different in many ways. Another thing that the two guys, both of whom I have/had good relationships with is that they have/were both their own worst enemy at times. It was great seeing Raven at the CAC in Vegas last month. Rarely is there a day that goes by that I don't think of Brian in some fashion.

On being successful in wrestling: No...one cannot be successful 'getting in the business' without a well thought out game plan. "I want to be a wrestler so where do I sign up" defies logic. Many wannabes don't have a clue even of where to seek training and we've talked about it multiple times here and that sort of info in all over the net. Plus, any wannabe needs to give themselves a time line to either make it meaning full time work or not. Do not waste your youth chasing dreams that simply won't or can't materialize and always, always have a viable skill and an education to fall back on if the 'wrestling thing' doesn't work. BTW it won't work for the vast majority who try it.

On TNA going back to Thursday: Yes...I think Spike TV did a smart thing in moving their TNA show to Thursday nights as it was dying a natural death on Mondays at the hands of Raw and darker days were likely on the horizon when Monday Night Football starts. Monday's ratings for all programing was affected by the NBA playoffs and MNF has much of that same sort of appeal depending on the game. The landscape has drastically changed from the WWE/WCW Monday Night Wars including how the product is and should be presented.

On Rick Rude: We were asked about Rick Rude's demeanor backstage and I recall Rick as a man's man who his peer's respected and also being somewhat quiet and moody at times. While Rick's backstage demeanor could change from time to time his in ring work was always consistently strong particularly when Rick was healthy. He was also a tough dude.

On WWE PG: Yes...WWE is PG...they are going to stay PG...and Edge's promo Monday night about the 'Rated R' business was just a nice slice of show biz. PG it is and PG it's going to stay. At least that how I see WWE going forward. For the record, I have no issues with a PG rated, TV wrestling show.

On Curt Hawkins: Yes...I do like Curt Hawkins and I hope that he makes it in WWE or where ever he eventually lands. Athletic, young men who love the business and have been lifelong fans who have passion and a viable work ethic should be afforded 2nd and 3rd looks if they are 'good citizens' as Hawkins is.

On commentary teams: My favorite WWE commentary of the week, more often than not, is the NXT commentators Michael Cole and Josh Mathews, if that is their real names. Perhaps it's because they are simply being themselves but nonetheless it makes the hour pass faster and adds to the NXT show. TV Wrestling announcers should not always agree on every point the other makes and if the disagreements are balanced with some degree of objectivity and doesn't come off as 'forced' or 'manufactured' then it can certainly add to a show. My years with antagonist Jerry Lawler and the always controversial Paul Heyman spawned some memorable WWE broadcasts.

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