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On The New Tag Team Titles: The new tag title belts and name, WWE Tag Team Titles, makes a great deal of sense to me. Some emailers did not like the design of the titles but I had zero issue with that matter. As I have said in the past, I'm not a 'belt guy.'

On UFC's Chael Sonnen: Chael Sonnen has put himself into a viable position within the world of UFC with his performance against the #1 ranked fighter in the world, Anderson Silva. BTW Sonnen lost but became a bigger star coming out of the match than he was going into it. Silva's people don't seem too anxious for a rematch but all their rhetoric simply adds to the prefabricated, Brazilian mystique and to the motivation for structuring a rematch. All Silva's people's sound bytes just help make the rematch more desirous and with Anderson being paid partially on pay per view buys one has to assume that this contest will eventually occur, albeit after some wrangling, in 2011. I think that a well promoted, well timed rematch between Sonnen-Silva could possibly do 1M pay per view buys.

On Last Night's NXT: Enjoyed NXT Tuesday night. Thought Cole & Mathews did a really nice job on the show as their personalities seem to mesh well and they sound comfortable. Cole's 'bashing' of Daniel Bryan has made Bryan much more topical which seems to be the point. Cole is thrown under the bus by some fans way too much as working on three, weekly shows is a huge undertaking. Even though Husky Harris and Percy Watson being eliminated did not shock me, I feel that both have marketable upsides and in time can be assets in WWE. Any rookie's journey is a process and a long one at that as I still am under the belief that it takes a solid 3-5 years to fully develop a new, main event level star in the biz....if they are blessed with skill and a little luck.

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