-- Former WWE star Carlito debuts for Lucha Libre USA on this week's episode of Masked Warriors on MTV2. The episode premieres Saturday at noon.

-- Mick Foley tweeted the following: I will have a huge announcement in a week. Not just a plug for a show, or a book, but something really big!

-- The wrestler formerly known as Consequences Creed has a new Twitter account, @XavierWoodsPhD, based on his FCW gimmick.

-- The Atlantic has an article up talking about how the death of recent wrestlers is haunting the McMahon campaign. It also notes that Linda is trailing Democrat Richard Blumenthal but has been closing the gap "because of her charisma (and ability, for the most part, to avoid the steroid/wrestling controversy)" and because Blumenthal is not a good campaigner. You can see that at theatlantic.com

-- The New York Times has a story on the media coverage of wrestlers deaths that you can read at nytimes.com

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