Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights...

On HIAC: The Hell in a Cell event Sunday night in Dallas was better than I perceived it would be considering the event had only two weeks build on TV. Bottom line is that HIAC exceeded my personal expectations. Any company producing multiple PPV's in a span of a few weeks time in today's economy can't have overly, lofty financial projections for multiple PPV's however I felt like from a creative standpoint that HIAC was solid.

On Clean Winners: I'm of the belief that the vast majority of the time that having a clear cut winner or loser is more productive for all involved including those that don't win. Winning or losing elicits a definitive emotion that is more real/organic/memorable than the open ended, non endings of many bouts. My feeling, both personally and from what fans tell me when we speak, is that an over abundance of non finishes becomes counter productive. It's like watching a tie in a sporting event or the third act of a play ending prematurely and before its natural conclusion.

On Cena Losing: Cena losing, no matter how it was done, surprised me. Cena with Nexus will be interesting and I am very anxious to see how that storyline continues. It certainly will be 'new' and should feel 'fresh' which I perceive to be a good thing especially when producing 51 weeks a year of first run TV programming such as Raw and Smackdown do.

On Alberto Del Rio: Alberto Del Rio feels like he is going to be a star. Much depends on how Del Rio is presented and how he executes the presentation/game plan. I do like his look and in ring skills. His persona is easy to dislike which is invaluable for an antagonist.

On Steve Austin: Saw where the UK Sun interviewed Steve Austin about another of Steve's movies being released eminently. Again, when Austin said "never say never" regarding him returning to the ring one can surmise that is true as long as Steve is healthy enough to want to train to get back into the ring but I would be shocked to see Steve ever want to wrestle anyone at anytime at any place in the future. Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Let the rumors begin and the speculation run wild, BROTHER! Steve is immersed in is movie career and to get back into the ring would take time away from that endeavor as Austin would never step back in the ring without several weeks or perhaps even months of preparation. Stone Cold has too much pride to ever step in the ring merely for a pay day and not to give his fans a helluva bout.

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