-- Hurricane Helms tweeted: "I think I might go murder some animals for fun and hang their heads on my wall cuz that's what Jesus would do. Right @ShawnMichaels_ ?" Helms also called HBK fans "retards."

Shawn Michaels tweeted: "Jus got bak. Wow u guys r fired up! Sorry u have 2 deal w/it. Don't worry, I don't. Comes w/the territory. have zero desire 2 do the internet stuff other than corresponding w/u. U can make ur own decisions & I will respect them. May I now return to having fun w/ u all please. Life is 2 short 4 me 2 go thru High school again:-) "

When someone asked him why isn't he sticking up for himself, he tweeted: "Ur the ones that upset why do I hav 2 do sumthing."

UPDATE: Shane Helms took a dig at this article about him calling Shawn Michaels fans "retards", writing on his Twitter, "Lol Nice reporting guys! See people? They cant get sh-t right! RT @WrestlingInc: Helms Calls HBK Fans 'Retards', goo.gl/fb/qttsP"

Just to clarify, Helms had yesterday written, "Lol yup. Retards united RT @TheRainbowUhaul: Angry little HBK fans going after @HurricaneHelms. Lulz." He later wrote, "Lol these tweets are popping me. My supporters are awesome, the 'tards' are just LAME and weak!! No game at all." He finally wrote, "I never called HBK's fans tards, just the ignorant peeps that were tweeting me dumb sh-t outta mis-information. I know the truth, they dont!"

We apologize if we misinterpreted Helms' tweets.

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