JTG vs. Tyler Reks

JTG goes on the offense early, showing his "mean streak." The last time they met Tyler walked out victorious, JTG obviously hoping to stop that from happening again. Reks escapes the ring but JTG takes him out with a baseball slide. JTG sends Reks back into the ring, he sends him to the ring but Reks responds with a knee into the gut of JTG. Reks begin stomping JTG down in the corner. Reks slams JTGs ribcage into the corner post, before getting the 2 count. Reks locks JTG in a body-scissors, simultaneous punching him in the face, trying to work on the bruised ribcage of the Street Smart Brawler. Reks releases the hold and attempts a pin, but only reaches two. JTG is up and begins throwing punches left & right at Reks. JTG attemps pinfal after pinfal, but Reks is able to escape at the last minute. JTG takes out Reks with a drop-kick to the face, gaining another 2-count.

Reks slides out of the ring to catch his breath. This distracts JTG and allows Reks to sneak in and hit a quick "Burning Hammer" drop and picks up the victory.

WINNER: Tyler Reks in 6:00. Good showcase for Tyler Reks. He has a good look and rarely botches in the ring. Once he throws in a more memorable fighting style and character he can go far in the E.

They hype the main event of Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry vs. Ted Dibiase/Tyson Kidd

-Commercial Break.

MASTERPIECE" Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins

Masters starts with early offense, but Curt is quick to turn things aorund. We are reminded of Masters injured shoulder. Curt Hawkins gains the advantage by attacking the injured shoulder. Hawkins is making short work of Christ Masters, stopping him at every turn. After a two count, Hawkins applied a headlock, Masters uses his strength to break free and hit a Samoan drop. Masters takes out Curt with a huge power bomb, though only gaining the 2-count. Masters locks in "Master-Lock" forcing Curt to submit.

WINNER: Chris Masters in 4:00. Very average match. Hawkins does nothing for me, Chris Masters deserves to wrestle people he can put on a lengthy, creative match with.

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"Did you know… WWE Magazine is 27 years old. "
I actually did not know this! I'd love to read the first copy. Any readers ever gotten a peak at the first edition of WWE Magazine?

YOSHI TATSU vs. Zack Ryder

Josh Matthews & Scott Stanford hype the "rivalry" between these two. I guess two matches makes a rivalry? No complaints, I enjoy both of these guys.

Yoshi starts off with fast pace offense, hitting Zack with kicks, chops and a hip toss. Yoshi covers for the pin but Zack kicks out at 1 and rolls out of the ring. Yoshi delivers a dive to the outside taking out Ryder.
Back in the ring Ryder takes Yoshi out as he is climbing top rope, causing Yoshi to crash and burn on the outside. Ryder begins stomping into Yoshi right as he enters the ring, the crowd giving Zack good heat. There are red prints on the chest of Zack from the earlier chops. Ryder shrugs it off and locks Yoshi in a headlock. Yoshi fights out and into a crucifix pin, but Ryder kicks out at 1 again. Ryder gets the upper hand quickly, sending Yoshi into the corner. Ryder runs at Yoshi but is met with a boot to his face! Ryder regains his composure and tries again, getting a second boot to the face! Ryder and Yoshi brawl out of the corner. Yoshi counters the "rough rider" and hit's a roundhouse kick before covering Ryder for 123.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu in 5:00. I am a huge fan of these guys. When they aren't booked in a squash match they always shine bright! Woo Woo Woo!

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Video on Dolph Ziggler aired.

Next up is the Raw Rebound. WWE recapped the steel cage main event,(which Randy Orton won to become #1 contender for Miz's WWE Title) and C.M. Punk costing Wade Barrett the match and kicking him out of Nexus in the process.

We see Daniel Bryan with the Bella's heading to the ring for our main event!

-Commercial Break.

TYSON KIDD & TED DIBIASE (w/Maryse) vs. U.S. champion DANIEL BRYAN (w/Bellas) & Mark Henry

Tyson Kidd enters without Jackson Andrews, no mention of him thus far by Josh or Scott.

Bryan and Kidd start the match feeling each other out. A lot of back-and-fourth action from the two, giving us a peak at what kind of amazing matches these two can have in the future. Bryan gets a hold of Kidd and tags in Henry. Kidd quickly breaks the holds and rolls to tag in Ted. Ted and Henry face off, Ted slaps Henry in the face and is immediately met with a headbutt from The Worlds Strongest Man. 2 count for Henry. We get a shot of Maryse, smokin' hawt!
Henry squashes Ted in the corner, turning to take out an interfering Tyson Kidd. Kidd and Ted to get to their feet but Henry hits a double-closeline to send them to the outside. Bryan is tagged in and is scooped by Henry. Mark Henry heel turn?!
Nope! Henry throws Bryan over the top rope onto Ted & Kidd. The heels are laid out as we head to our final commercial break!

-Commercial Break

We're back and Daniel Bryan is the corner being double teamed by Ted and Kidd. Ted turns to yell at Henry, giving Bryan the opening to begin fighting back. Ted acts quickly and is able to take Bryan down, gaining a 2-count. Bryan sent back to the corner, tag made to Kidd. Kidd hops in and begins stomping into Bryan. We are told that Ted Dibiase promises to take the US Title in 2011. Interesting.

In the ring Kidd has Bryan locked in a chin-lock. Bryan fights to his feet and pushes Kidd off. Both men charge and hit cross bodies, knocking each other down. Bryan uses this time to roll to his corner and get the hot tag to Mark Henry. Henry is quick to take out Kidd, making easy work of him. Kidd gets the tag and Ted is able to take down Henry. Kidd wants back in, Ted makes the tag. Kidd locks the already laid out Henry into a headlock, but it isn't long before Henry is to his feet and flips Kidd over his head. Both men go for tags. Bryan and Ted are in. Bryan hits a missile drop kick to take out Kidd, turns and immediately gets Dibiase with a dropkick in the corner! Bryan covers for 1, 2- Kick out.

Bryan climbs the corner post and soars through the air. Dibiase scouts it, hitting Bryan with a dropkick mid-air. Tag in to Tyson Kidd. Kidd takes advantage of the fallen Bryan, locking in the Sharpshooter. Bryan rolls out of it and gets a 2-count on Kidd! Outside, Ted has Henry distracted as they battle up the ramp.

Bryan tries to regain his composure but it's too late. Kidd is up and hits a Swinging-Neck Breaker to take out Bryan and gain his team the big victory!

WINNERS: Kidd & DiBiase in 13:00. Surprised with the ending, but a good move by WWE! Let Daniel Bryan lose a little, it's good for him. All in all, pretty entertaining episode of Superstars. Very good main event and a fun match between Yoshi Tatsu/Zack Ryder. Check it out on YouTube or WWE.com when you get the chance!

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