Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights…

On Friday's Smackdown: Caught a good portion of Friday Night Smackdown and thought it was a solid broadcast. Lots of wrestling was featured which kept the live audience more engaged in what they were seeing which generally always translates more positively for home viewers. Doing too many backstage pieces of business can be the kiss of death if they are in an overabundance and/or poorly executed. Congrats to Kofi Kingston on winning the IC Title. Kofi was on the cusp of something special when he had his issues with Randy Orton last year specifically their encounter at MSG which I thought was impactful. Let's hope that Kofi gets right back on that roll. He's a very athletic talent and a smart, educated individual.

On Dolph Ziggler: Emailer...Dolph Ziggler doesn't remind me of HHH but more of a Mr. Perfect type wrestler. Ziggler has a great amateur background and as he adds more nasty physicality to his game he will take another step up to the next level. I am a Ziggler fan without question.

On Chris Jericho And Batista: Emailer...I do not know if either Chris Jericho or Dave Bautista will return to WWE for WM27. I'm not in that loop and don't have a clue on the subject. Personally, I would be surprised if either returned for a special Wrestlemania appearance. Who knows?

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