Credit: Mike Maycock/Pwinsider

Before Impact started, they taped a dark match where Robbie E beat Bobby Shields from Taz's school. Shields looked pretty good.

Impact started with a goofy skit where Mr. Anderson beat up a guy who told him the math didn't add up to him not being the TNA champ. Yeah, it didn't make sense to me either. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came out and told Anderson he had to beat Rob Van Dam to get a shot at Sting. The end result is that the two would wrestle and Sting would be the ringside enforcer.

Then the matches started when Tara lost to Mickie James.

The Pope lost by DQ to Okada.

Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray were in the ring for a promo. Flair put both guys over as tag stars, which led to them calling out Fortune. They fought until the lights went out and Abyss came back. and destroyed Fortune. They will all meet at Lethal Lockdown.

There was a match that I missed but Matt Morgan and Devon lost to Hernandez and someon.

RVD and Anderson went to a no contest when Anderson laid out Rob but Sting wouldn't make the count.

They taped an Xplosion match afterwards where Max Buck beat brother Jeremy.

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