In his most recent video blog, Matt Hardy talked about Edge calling it quits, and noted how they were once best friends, then hated enemies, and ended up being friends again.

He also put over his match at Lockdown tonight, and stated that he plans on going all-out and that it may be his last match. He also said that Jeff Hardy may be undergoing back surgery and retire from wrestling afterward.

"There's another man that I have to bring up right now that is hurting severely who's actually thinking about having back surgery and is actually thinking about ending his career in wrestling -- especially on the heels of Edge going -- and that's my brother Jeff Hardy, who has given the fans so much over the years," said Hardy. "He has sacrificed his body, he has destroyed his body, he has killed his body for people. And for anyone to criticize or give him a hard time over that is just so... not right."

You can watch Hardy's full vlog below:

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