-- WWE Tag Team Champion Kane celebrates his 44th birthday today. Also celebrating birthdays are former WCW stars Tank Abbott (46) and Ron Reis (41).

-- As noted very late last night/early this morning here on the website, Jim Ross suffered a hand injury last night on RAW during his match against Michael Cole. He wrote on Twitter:

"Hand's throbbing. Xrays tues. Cole's tooth went to the bone on my fist. Not an artistic masterpiece. Dropping bombs. Leather straps sun. Ugh."

"Disheartening when fans kill one's effort/work. All we can do is give 100%effort. That happened. I'm sore as hell but will battle sun on ppv."

"@ the moment, I can't hold leather strap 2nite but Sun I'll do what it takes. Won't be pretty but will be nasty. Fairplay vs Lawler @ bar."

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