Bill Demott Talks Austin, Goldberg, Tough Enough, Punk Vs. Cena Angle & More

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Weeble asked if he has seen the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD? Bill hasn't read any of the books or seen the DVD. He lived it, he's not sure if he is on it, but if he is he might want to see his stuff. If he's not on it he won't watch it, just like Waterboy because they cut his part.

Jack asked his thoughts on the Head Hunters, does he think they could have made it to the WWE or WCW? NO! Good guys at what they did, they were an attraction respectfully. They did some cool things, it was fun to see big guys doing moonsaults but their other moves looked like sh*t.

Adam phoned in and asked: His thought on the upcoming Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose match at FCW? Bill said this match will be the match of the year and for the rest of the Summer. Ambrose is very unique. They are going to steal everyone's thunder and set the bar so high that the rest of the talent will go "oh s--t". Only a rematch will up do their first match. Jack talks about being a big fan of Dean Amrose, and was really happy to see Jon Moxley get his shot with WWE.

Jack asked Bill hid thoughts on the John Cena versus CM Punk angle? Business has picked up. The follow up on Raw was even better. The match was freaking genius. Bill says people like him in the business are fans of the product again, and thinks we are witnessing a new era in wrestling.

OneInchBiceps had a question from the board: CrystalInDenver asked his favorite moment on Tough Enough? Bill said his favorite moment was the live finale and Steve naming the winner. It was a great reaction, a long process. His favorite part was working with Booker T, Trish Stratus and Stone Cold. His next moment will be when they announce the second season. Jack asked if they'd like to be included in the process of picking the 14 contestants. Bill says he likes being surprised by who they choose.

Jack asked his thoughts on former Tough Enough competitor and DSW trainee Brian Danovich? Bill said he got hurt on Million Dollar Tough Enough, he benched 145 and got hurt.

Nikhil phoned in: He asked his thoughts on the bully gimmick in 2003? Where Bill was beating up the Cruiser Weights on Smackdown. He had a lot of fun and nearly killed Funaki. He had a great time but around that time he broke his neck as well. He is not sure why the gimmick was stopped. Rikishi left during their feud. He never left, but was removed from the storylines. Bill said when your opponent leaves you can be left in limbo.

Jack asked if Bill liked big man vs little man or big man vs big man matches. He could kick a cruiserweight ass back in the day. He didn't care, he hit everyone the same way, and worked the same for both people. He liked throwing cruiserweights around. It was a win win situation.

Jack wrapped up the interview. Bill DeMott said he had a great time and hoped to do it soon again.

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