-- Roddy Piper is teasing a return to wrestling on his Twitter. He wrote last night:

"If I went back. I would say, there's not a Wrestler alive that can beat me in 5 minuets or less. But there's a chance, I will beat u in 5.

"To much milk and toast!! Need rebels that do the right thing, not what is dictated. I'm the H.O.F. with the most respect. I need FREEDOM!

"I getting pissed at pro wrestling these days. Time to take a stand!!!

"I getting pissed at pro wrestling these days. Thinking of getting radical!! Takes alot to get me in motion, close.

"I getting pissed at the World of Pro Wrestling!! Thinking of going back and stir things up Big Time. Tiered of milk toast wrestling.."

-- Here's the latest from Matt Hardy on Twitter: "Oh. My. God. By bad luck is NEVER stopping apparently.."

A fan also asked Hardy, "why are you not dead yet?" Hardy re-tweeted the question from the fan and replied with the following: "Because Matt Hardy WILL NOT DIE! Duhh!"

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