Source: Paisley Daily Express

-- The Paisley Daily Express has published an article on "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. The WWE Hall of Famer, a born-again Christian, gave teenagers at Paisley's Castlehead High School words of warning on how to steer clear of life's temptations after overcoming his own demons. DiBiase reveals that after his wife Melanie discovered his adultery, he was left with a stark choice change his life or lose his family.

"He wasn't very nice to people but now he wants to share that story with people. He stressed how he can't blame the circumstances they find themselves in and neither should they. He told the kids to take responsibility for their own actions," depute headteacher Liz Harris said of DiBiase's inspirational talk. "He told the kids how important it is for them to make the right choices in life and they listened intently to his message. I think they all took a lot from the talk. It was a very positive message."

-- Santino Marella returned to action on tonight's Raw SuperShow as he made quick work of Jinder Mahal. He defeated the SmackDown Superstar in approximately thirty seconds.

Marella suffered a separated left shoulder following a car accident September 1 in Toronto. "My car flipped sideways and the trunk hit a light pole, it completely crushed in," Marella said of the accident to "The airbags deployed, and all I could smell was gunpowder. There was broken glass everywhere, and I tried to open the passenger door, but it was stuck. Luckily, there was still power in the car. I opened the sunroof and crawled out."

-- Matches taped Monday night in Lafayette, Louisiana for this week's episode of WWE Superstars were:

* Alex Riley vs. JTG

* Michael McGillicutty vs. Percy Watson

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