Tenay and Taz turn their attention to the main event, hyping it and talking about the importance of the Iron Man match taking place in just a few minutes.


JB is standing backstage with the World Champion, Bobby Roode. Roode says over the last several months he's been called many things, but his personal favorite is the World Heavyweight Champion. He says after tonight he'll be known as the king of the Iron Man matches. He says while on paper, this event may favor AJ Styles, but Roode will be surprised if Styles can make it to the ring after what he did on Thursday. As far as Sting, Bobby says he spits in the face of authority, just ask Dixie Carter. This leads us right into a video package that highlights Roode's heel turn, and the subsequent events that have led up to this match.

World Heavyweight Championship
30 Minute Ironman Match
AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode (c)

We get formal ring introductions from JB for both men, and it looks like we're ready to kick things off.

The bell rings, and the clock begins for this match. Both men circle each other for a bit. Roode goes for AJ's legs, but Styles sidesteps him. Styles is able to lock in a waistlock, and both men trade positions a couple of times before Roode takes AJ to the mat with a drop toe hold. Another lock up and Roode scores with a side head lock, cranking away at Styles' neck.

Styles sends Roode into the ropes, but eats a shoulder block right away. Roode jumps up and down, showing off his uninjured legs to AJ. We get another lock up and Roode locks in another head lock, telling the crowd that AJ sucks. Styles fights out of the hold and locks in a head lock of his own. Roode sends Styles into the ropes, but Styles cranks down on the head lock and doesn't let go.

Styles takes Roode down to the mat, but Roode counters out of the hold with a headscissors right away. Styles is able to kick out of the hold, and uses a headlock takeover to take Roode right back down to the mat. Roode is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, sending Styles into the ropes, but he falls to a shoulderblock right away. Styles hits a couple more shoulderblocks and goes for a quick pin, but Roode kicks out and rolls to the outside.

Roode takes his time to get back into the ring, but eventually he does. We get another lock up and Roode backs AJ into the corner, breaking the hold, but immediately burying his shoulder in Styles' midsection. Roode hits Styles with a chop to the chest, and Styles turns it around. Both men take turns chopping each other before AJ chops Roode a couple of times, sends him across the ring into the turnbuckle, and hits him with a back body drop. Roode comes back, catching Styles by surprise and sending him to the outside.

Roode follows to the outside and tries to slam AJ's head into the barricade, but Styles blocks it and sends Roode head first into the barricade instead. AJ sends Roode back into the ring, but when he follows Roode attacks, hitting him with a double ax handle smash. Roode tries to work on Styles' leg in the corner, but AJ won't let him. Roode brings Styles out of the corner and takes him down to the mat hard. AJ sends Roode into the corner and tries to catch him with a quick roll up. Both men trade pin falls with neither getting three, then up on their feet, Styles hits an arm drag and Roode comes right back with a big shoulderblock. Styles sends Roode into the corner, but when he charges in he catches a boot to the face. AJ is able to connect with a big clothesline, but he still can't get the three count.

Styles locks in a side head lock, but Roode is able to fight out of it with a shin breaker counter. Roode tries for an elbow drop but Styles avoids it, pops up, and hits Roode with a forearm shot. Roode tries for a belly to back suplex but Styles lands on his feet. Styles goes up in the corner, but Roode hits him with a chop block to the back of the leg, and pins him with his legs on the ropes for leverage, scoring the three count

Roode 1 AJ 0

AJ is up and he comes right back with a vengeance, taking Roode down to the mat. Styles takes Roode into the corner and hits him with a couple of big right hands. Roode charges AJ in the corner and hits him low, flipping him up and over Roode. Roode grabs Styles' leg and yanks it up, then slams it down into the mat. Roode goes for another pin, but he's only able to get a two count. Styles starts to fight back with punches and chops, not even slowing down when Roode kicks him in the knee. Roode is able to stop Styles cold with a kick to the gut, then a clubbing blow to the back. Roode tries for a suplex but AJ reverses. Roode responds by continuing to work on Styles' leg.

AJ tries to fight back with big rights, but Roode keeps attacking the knee to stop Styles' in his tracks. Roode locks in a single leg crab on Styles' injured leg. Styles struggles, reaching for the ropes, and he's eventually able to force the break. Roode yanks Styles up by his leg again, slamming it knee first down to the mat. Roode locks in the figure four leg lock, and Styles screams in pain.

Roode continues applying pressure as we pass the halfway point of the match, and Styles taps out.

Roode 2 Styles 0

Roode gloats to the crowd before turning back to Styles and kicking him in the back of the knee. Roode waits for Styles to get to his feet again before hitting him with a nasty chop block. Roode grabs the leg and tries for the figure four again, but AJ kicks him off, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Roode is favoring his shoulder, and AJ takes advantage, hitting a flying armbar. Styles locks in the cross face, and Roode is forced to tap out.

Roode 2 Styles 1

Styles catches Roode with a punch to the shoulder before he starts wrenching away, tearing and punching at Roode's arm. Styles steps over and locks in an arm bar, putting all the pressure on Roode's elbow. Roode is able to reverse it by wrenching away at Styles' leg. Styles breaks the hold with an eye rake and gets to his feet, hitting Roode with a kick to the chest, then a couple of chops and forearms. Styles wraps Roode's arm around the rope and pulls on it, but Roode fights him off. Styles continues the assault, but Roode comes right back with a back elbow, and a big clothesline that takes Styles down to the mat.

We're down to the last ten minutes and Styles scores a roll up out of nowhere for another three count.

Roode 2 Styles 2

Roode and Styles trade rights in the middle of the ring, and Roode kicks Styles in the leg. Styles punches at Roode's shoulder and Roode kicks right back at Styles' leg. Styles connects with a big jumping kick, but Roode comes right back with a big spinebuster that takes AJ down for another near fall.

Roode hits Styles with a kneeDT, continuing to wear down Styles' leg. Roode stomps at Styles' knee before grabbing him by the legs and slingshotting him into the corner. Styles lands on the middle rope, then leaps out with the moonsault DDT, not hitting it clean. Styles goes out to the apron and hits the springboard 450 for another three count.

Roode 2 Styles 3

Roode charges Styles in the corner, but Styles is able to catch him with a couple of rights, then a big clothesline. Styles beats on the champ in the corner, hitting him with a big head butt. Roode catches Styles with a boot to the gut, then a kick to the knee. Roode goes for a clothesline, but Styles avoids it. Styles is able to kick Roode into the corner, but when he charges in, he's back dropped to the apron. Styles yanks Roode's arm down across the top rope. When Styles comes back into the ring, Roode sits down for a pin, and holds on to the ropes to get the three count.

Roode 3 Styles 3

Styles takes the fight to Roode, peppering him with rights as he's furious about Roode's cheating. AJ takes Roode into the corner and beats on him for a bit before seating him on the top rope. Styles goes up in the corner after Roode and tries for a superplex, but Roode fights him off, avoiding the move. Styles charges up the turnbuckles, launching Roode out of the corner with a top rope arm drag that puts Roode down right on his shoulder. Styles hits Roode with an arm capture belly to back suplex. Styles picks Roode up and goes for a suplex, but Roode kicks away at the knee again, stopping it. Roode goes for a fisherman's suplex, but Styles reverses into a roll up for two. Styles connects with the Pele kick, and gets himself psyched up, much to the delight of the crowd, and we're down to two minutes.

AJ tries for the Styles clash, but with his injured knee he's not able to hit the move as his knee gives out. Roode rolls to the outside, so Styles hits the ropes, and launches himself over the top with a huge tope out on top of Roode, and we're down to under a minute.

The referee is continuing the count, and AJ sees that he only has about 30 seconds left. Both men make it back into the ring before the 10 count, but Roode bails to the outside yet again. AJ gives chase, but Roode continues to evade him as the clock continues to count down. Roode runs down the clock to zero.

3-3 Draw

STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

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