Thanks to reader Awanish for sending in this report of the debut episode of Ring Ka King:

The show starts off with pop star Mika's performance with backup dancers. After the performance is over, a female anchor enters the ring to greet the audience and interview Mika, who says he's excited for the show as he's been a longtime wrestling fan. The female anchor then calls upon cricketer Harbhajan Singh to come to the ring, and he comes out to his own theme music and welcomes the audience and puts over the show and concept. He then begins to introduce the top eight competitors to the ring starting with Chavo Guerrero Jr., who is put over by commentators as a third generation international star. Next one is B-Maxx, who is an Indian wrestler with a boxing/MMA background as mentioned by commentators. Sir Brutus Magnus is next followed by Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore, who's doing a Dr. Stevie kind of gimmick. Sonjay Dutt is next with a bald head and is acting heel. Indian wrestler and former Mr. India Mahabali Veera makes his way to the ring after Sonjay. Scott Steiner is introduced next and Matt Morgan is the last to come out.

Harbhajan then introduced Jazzy Lahoriya, who is the commissioner of RKK and is accompanied by a huge Indian bodyguard. They then show the Heavyweight Title hanging above the ring as fireworks begins. These eight will compete for the gold in a tournament.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and announces the participation of the eight competitors for the tournament. He interviews Morgan who says he's the favorite to win the title but is interrupted by Magnus, Steiner & Sonjay. A fight breaks out but Jazzy's guard separates them. We cut to the commentators.

JB is in the ring to introduce competitors in the first match.

Mahabali Veera vs Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore

Veera's entrance reminds me of AJ Styles. Dinsmore begins the match and carries Veera. Veera pins Dinsmore after a spinebuster.
Winner: Mahabali Veera

Backstage segment: Magnus, Steiner & Sonjay are on phone line with their "Boss" and talk about how they'll win the title tournament and take over.

Back to the ring, Indian wrestler Shera introduces his "Guru," The American Adonis (Chris Masters). Commentators put him over as a heel by stating he knows Hindi but won't speak it maybe because he doesn't like India. He cuts a heel promo stating nobody can break his "Adonis Lock" in India and puts up 100,000 rupees up for grabs to anyone who breaks it. Shera translates this in Hindi. Adonis calls out a boy from the audience. Apparently Adonis doesn't even know the name of the city he's in. He puts the boy in the Master... sorry, Adonis Lock and easily makes the boy submit, who sells it like a heart attack and is checked on by Doctors.

Backstage: An interviewer is standing with Mahabali Veera, who expresses his excitement after winning his match. He's congratulated by Harbhajan. Morgan too joins them and shakes hands with Veera.

Main event: Matt Morgan vs Sir Brutus Magnus
Magnus makes his way first as we go to a commercial break. Morgan is introduced as the show comes back on the air and gets huge pops. Morgan & Magnus lock up and Morgan easily throws him off. Magnus tres to come back but is again puts him down with a shoulder block. Magnus rolls out of the ring and stalls for a while. Morgan chases him outside which leads to Magnus getting back in the ring and show some offense. Morgan is on the ropes and Magnus hits him with a running elbow drop to the back and goes for the pin but Morgan kicks out at 2. Magnus applies an abdominal stretch on Morgan which he counters by a hip toss. Morgan regains control by two clotheslines followed by a discuss clothesline. He sets Magnus up for a chokeslam and executes it successfully. Magnus gets back on his feet but eats a "Carbon footprint" kick from Morgan who pins him.
Winner: Matt Morgan

Sonjay Dutt & Steiner enter the ring and look to attack Morgan, but Veera comes out and stands along with Morgan to even the odds. Just a staredown, nothing physical.

Next episode will feature Scott Steiner vs. B Maxx and Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Sonjay Dutt.

Overall, the show just gave a glimpse of what's in store with only two matches that were not very physical. Good way to start out with a crowd who was extremely hot for everything the show had to offer and made up for a good debut show despite many filler segments.

The first episode has been posted online by the Colors network, you can watch it below:

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