Our Full Interview With DDP: Early WCW Days, WWE Regrets, DDPYoga, Savage, Guererro, More

I went to the hotel, I changed and then I went to Bourbon Street and started drinking. I was taking shots of Jack [Daniels] and drinking Coors Light and wondered, "how many times will they play it?" Now, if Steve Austin did something like that -- which he did numerous times to Vince [McMahon] -- how many times do you think they would have played that if it were in the opening five minutes? How many do you think?

WrestlingINC.com: Well, knowing WCW at that time, probably zero.

Page: No, I mean WWE, if Austin did it.

WrestlingINC.com: Oh, at least three or four times that episode.

Page: Minimum! They [WCW] didn't play mine once, I was ballistic! It's a three hour show and it happened in the first hour!

WrestlingINC.com: I remember the place going nuts and people raving about the angle on our site. It was weird that it was such a hot angle to kick off the show and it wasn't talked about after that.

Page: I was so pissed and got so drunk. Scotty [Hall] and the guys were like, "Oh yeah! You got your big break tonight! Brother, you're off and running!" I was like, "f--k them!" F--king Scott goes, "man, that's like my spot. I'm going to have to stay semi-sober tonight and carry Dally!" Scott and I were talking about it a couple of months ago, it was so f--ked up, Scott Hall was taking care of me!

WrestlingINC.com: That's crazy, because everyone was talking on WrestlingINC that night about how a new main-eventer was born.

Page: That was the one... that was the rocket and Randy [Savage] was the one who sent it to outer space. He put me over, with the diamond cutter, it was... it was my time. And it couldn't be denied anymore. I mean, Randy Savage is saying, "I want to work with him. And I want to put him over."

WrestlingINC.com: It always seemed like Savage never had a problem putting people over if it was right for business.

Page: If it was going to draw money. Randy Savage, who has feuded with every great on the planet, when he died... the top four angles that were up there, I was one of them with him. Think about that. They guy who worked with [Ricky] Steamboat, [Hulk] Hogan, Jake [Roberts], I mean everyone! And my angle with him was "Feud of the Year" in 1997.

So we were at a house show in South Carolina. Arn Anderson was the agent, and Randy comes in. I say, "Randy, what do you want to do tonight." And Randy says, "I think I want to take the diamond cutter." And f--king Arn almost fell over... I almost fell over! So we go out there, we have the match... bing bang boom and I hit the diamond cutter, and the roof blows off! My face is laying there, Randy's on his back and I put my arm over his chest. One-two-three, the roof blows off.! They just kept screaming and screaming and screaming and Randy says, "I think we have our finish to Spring Stampede'!"

WrestlingINC.com: That was a crazy time for the business. WCW was on fire, Austin was catching fire in the WWF. What was it like being in the business at that time?

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